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The Street Jihad - Heroin: The Weapon of War

05 February 2008

The Street Jihad - Heroin: The Weapon of War

This is one of the main financiers of Al Qaeda's Jihad within Great Britain, which is also being used as a 'Weapon of War' against British society to kill, destroy and subdue a generation - Where I live anyway which is Al Qaeda's frontline in their civil war upon British soil!

The money earned on the ground in Luton & Dunstable through the daily supply of Heroin over the last 20 years has created an extremly large, connected and well organised Pakistani Moslem paramilitary army that has forced the whole of the local society into a position of 'Dhimmitude' through fear.

As this video shows, the Heroin is cultivated in Afghanistan and transported through to Pakistan, and then ends up on our streets, namely where I live in this instance, being sold by what can only be described as a Pakistani Moslem militia, killing my friends, converting others into zombies living only for their next hit of Heroin, destroying families and causing terror in society because of drug crazed maniacs needing Heroin.

Do we just accept this systematic destruction of our society by an internal force that is conducting a military campaign against the British State that is ultimately seeking to conquer our Nation?

I personally do not accept what this Pakistani Moslem militia is doing to my friends, my community and my country, but where I live I am the only one willing to stand up and say something about it because everyone else is living under 'Dhimmitude' forced upon them through the knowledge of what happens if you have a problem with the large organised drug dealing gangs of Pakistani Moslems of Luton - Those reading this who know the facts will agree with me.

Not only that the British State now want to arrest me because I refuse to accept this Islamic warmongering intent being enforced upon me and my neighbours - I breach community cohesion!

The police who are employed to protect the innocent and vulnerable in society can go home at the end of the day after a hard days work investigating the Pakistani Moslem street crime, where as the rest of us in society have to live all day every day surrounded by this paramilitary force, so there is no escaping them if they come for you, so its better to close your front door and See no Evil - Hear no Evil - And definately not Speak any Evil about the Pakistani Moslems because of the consequnces to you and your family.

I stood my ground on my own, I was homeless, penniless and destitute because of being driven out of my business and home by these Pakistani Moslem's and their threats and intimidation, and I have shown that really they 'aint all that', they are weak cowards that hunt in packs which I exposed - Know your enemy as they say.

What a joke the Luton Moslems are, they could not do the job or silencing me, and my blog has been up all year as proof to my words, so they resorted to getting the police to silence me.

I never crossed the line to call for anyone to resort to violence, but in reality, considering this is the state of British affairs - If they want a war which they are conducting against us on a daily basis, then can we not give them a war?

Islamic supremacy reigns in Luton - Is it any wonder Al Qaeda used Luton as its staging post for its decleration of War against Great Britain and open it up as a frontline in the "21st Century English Civil War".

Al Qaeda's military strategists know that they have a large well organised paramilitary army on the streets of Luton, with a well oiled War machine on the ground that is financed through the local trade in streets drugs and all other criminality.

The Queen as the ultimate ruler of Great Britain should decide what she wants to do about the situation on the ground here, or let her sons or grandsons state their position so that everyone knows where the stand.

Surrender and Dhimmitude or 'No surrender'.

Allow the complete take over of Luton & Dunstable by the religion Islam and its military wing or bring her families 'Sovereign Rule' to bare upon the situation - There is a rich Royal history to protect and defend here after all.

No matter what lie people want to say about Islam being a 'religion of peace', you only have to look at the history books to see that it spreads throughout the World by warmongering conquest, exactly the same way that it is spreading in my local community - A Christian community with a wealth of Christian history might I add.

I have stood up on the street on my own against this Islamic paramilitary force because I as one man am willing to sacrifice everything for what I have just stated, and now my own people want to arrest me and potentially send me to prison for my righteous anger and actions.

Why should I go back to England if thats how my country wants to treat me for my actions, I am better off seeking asylum in a friendly foreign land and sitting back safely watching my homeland burn from afar don't you think? Theres not really much I can do from inside a prison cell. I don't want to do that because it is my homeland, but what can I do now that I have the British State seeking my arrest and imprisonment?

I value my freedom and always said to myself that I will never spend a day in prison for standing up for my Country in the face of this War, so the choice is; go home and go to prison under 'race hate laws' or seek asylum on the grounds of Political persecution and human rights issues. I do not want to do that because England is my home, but given the choice of prison or freedom considering I have done nothing wrong, freedom will always prevail.

I am a great believer that if you do the crime you do the time, as every one who has ever known me will agree, but in this case I have done no crime so I will do no time.

More proof to confirm my words for those people who do not see what I see or know what I know in relation to what is happening on the streets of Luton & Dunstable that originates in Afghanistan/Pakistan.

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