Wednesday, February 13, 2008

The Plain Truth About Ron Weinland

The Plain Truth About Ron Weinland

Ron Weinland is drunk on his delusions...

Ron Weinland is a FALSE PROPHET and illegitimately claims to be one of the Two Witnesses. I read his book, trying to give him the benefit of the doubt (not about his wild claims to be one of the two witnesses but just for basic biblical knowledge every minister in God's Church ought to have and share), and it's nothing but truth mixed with error, just like the pagans have always done.

Ron Weinland goes off the deep end, however, with his vain attempt to spiritualize everything away that disagrees with his perverted interpretation of things, and while trying to act like an expert on Hebrew and Passover proves just the opposite.

Weren't we warned about such false prophets out to steal a following for themselves? How deaf, dumb and blind can those folks be to just sit there and not at least ask, in all sincerity, "WHY do you think you're one of the Two Witnesses?" Not just taking his word for it like good cult members. And seeing the errors in his work (it's not the Work of God), folks ought to flee such Babylon and avoid it like the plague. But then brethren in the Philadelphia Church of God continue to let Gerald Flurry accumulate lofty titles to himself...

May such folks REPENT and come back down to Earth and support God's Work that prepares to return to Jerusalem where it all began.


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