Sunday, February 03, 2008

Floyd Rose Stinks

The Rev. Floyd Rose gets a hug from Perlean Griffin after speaking at a rally at Braden United Methodist Church in Toledo. A crowd of 150 people attended the Jan. 24 event. (THE BLADE/ANDY MORRISON)

Activist dedicates life to change

I about lost my breakfast when an entangled Floyd Rose and Perlean Griffin assaulted my eyes on the front page of The Blade! What in the world? Why is The Blade catering to such self-righteous crusaders?
Rose, like other race hustlers, sees the bogey-man of "racism" everywhere, since it enables him to feel smug and demand attention. Yet he is proof of racism against white people, since he shamefully supports Perlean Griffin (who falsely accused Toledo Mayor Carty Finkbeiner of being a "racist," for demoting her haughty self when he is the man who hired her to serve in both his administrations) who is hiding behind the color of her skin to "advance" her own selfish agenda at the expense of Toledo and any credibility her former office might have enjoyed. Unrepentant Perlean Griffin has proven the stereotype true about such "affirmative action" hires. Mayor Finkbeiner should have never given her a job in the first place. We can all see how it has backfired on him and cost Toledo.
When Rose used to stink up Toledo with his racist rabble rousing, I opposed his misguided and ignorant attack against apartheid in South Africa. Rose, and other useful idiots for the godless African National Congress, should be sentenced to live in South Africa today, suffering the consequences of their vile actions, as South Africa has plummeted from the peace and prosperity every color and creed enjoyed under white rule, contrary to liberal media propaganda. Black mismanagement (to put it politely) is fast ruining South Africa, even as Rhodesia is now in ruins as Zimbabwe. Just look at Detroit and get the picture.

At his black rally, Floyd Rose "spoke about the ills facing Toledo's black community: the firing of Ms. Griffin as the executive director of the city's Office of Affirmative Action/Contract Compliance, and the lack of businesses along Dorr Street owned by African-Americans, which he said was once considered a 'black mecca.'" He also spoke about "oppression."

Why the undue focus on race? Aren't we all Toledoans? What if a white leader spoke of a "white mecca"? The racist NAACP would have howls of protest, wouldn't they? And who is "oppressing" black people from owning their own businesses? The "oppression" is clearly all in their own minds, again playing the well worn role of "victim." Besides, economic poverty is often symptomatic of a spiritual bankruptcy.
Let Floyd Rose dedicate himself to change the ghetto-mentality, to help free folks from the chains of victimhood, to empty the degenerate projects, to attack the real - not imaginary or exaggerated - evils in this world, and earn some respect.

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