Thursday, June 05, 2008

Barroso to inaugurate European synagogue

European Commission president Jose Manuel Barroso will in a ceremony on Wednesday (4 June) help dedicate a Brussels temple as the "Great Synagogue of Europe," amid prayers for EU leaders to act justly.

The synagogue - an 1878 Romanesque-style building in Brussels' central Rue de la Regence - is to become a symbolic focal point for Judaism in Europe, a little like St Peter's Basilica in Rome is for Roman Catholics...

The event will involve the reading of a specially-drafted "Prayer for Europe" as well as singing by the European Choir - a Brussels-based team of 100 singers from 20 EU states set up in 1958 to act as "musical ambassadors for Europe."

The prayer will ask for happiness for European citizens and for the continent's leaders to act with justice and equanimity to create a "spiritual union," Polish daily Rzeczpospolita reports.

"The EU appears to be convinced that the European construction must not only be based on economic interests but also on religious and spiritual well-being," chief rabbi Albert Guigui of the Rue de la Regence church told the European Jewish Press...


Pope John Paul II promoted the spiritual union of Europe under the Vatican banner, appealing to Europe's bitter roots. If Jews only knew - or would dare to believe - that the German-Jesuit EU is forging Germany's Fourth Reich, intent to revive the unholy Roman Empire (with all its serious implications), they wouldn't be wasting their time and money building a Great Synagogue in Europe but would quickly follow Judaism to the Jewish homeland and work toward the Third Temple.

But that would mean Jews are wise and learn from history and don't just mindlessly repeat the mantra "Never Again!"

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