Saturday, June 07, 2008

The Blade faces lawsuit for breaking and entering?.

In a developing East Side Toledo story, The Blade faces a potential lawsuit for allegedly breaking and entering into the padlocked backyard gate and garage of married Blade carriers, Al and Marie. The garage was literally filled with stacks of Blade newspapers (they've since been fired), so much so The Blade had nearly 6 men (several wearing dress shirts and slacks) and two teenage boys - in the course of two days time - load one of their big Blade trucks chest high and intend to bill their former Blade carriers who have called the police and threaten a lawsuit for breaking and entering. Stay tuned.

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Toledo East Blogger, fixin' to change to Geocaching I think said...

I am JUST NOW reading this from LAST JULY! Sorry David. i never get over to my MySpace much anymore. I check my Facebook about once a month only bc my relatives are on it. I AM REALLY CURIOUS TO FIND OUT WHAT HAPPENED WITH THIS AND IF THEY SUCCEEDED IN SUE-ING THE BLADE FOR B&E. I HOPE SO...
Plz let me know if you heard anything, could you. TTownrobin729-yahoo. How R U BTW? Well I hope. Let me know! ok?
God Bless,