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Unhappy Gays?

Gays unhappy about Catholic comparison?

Plea to Diehard Catholics &Protestants to Repent

Having clearly seen how the practice of homosexuality is a sin (as I testify in God and the Gays), I can now see clearly how SPIRITUAL HOMOSEXUALS, the bloody Roman Catholic whore and her Protestant prostitute daughters (Rev. 17:5), prefer tradition over truth.


I received this heartfelt email:

Hi David,

I wanted to comment on your comparison of gays to the legacy of the Roman Catholic Church by referring to that church and the followers of Protestant churches as "SPIRITUAL HOMOSEXUALS."

I am offended by that comment. I think I know what you're intending to say, but believe it is an inappropriate comparison. The legacy of the Roman Catholic Church thru the centuries is rooted in persecution, cruelty and blood letting. Throughout much of its sordid history, many of beliefs and actions have been directly inspired by Satan - the deceiver of the whole world.

In fact, the legacy of traditional Catholic and Protestant religion includes the demonizing and persecution of homosexuals.

Yes, you're right that practicing a gay lifestyle that includes active homosexual relationships is sin. As we know, most homosexuals did not "choose" to have a homosexual orientation. I certainly didn't. I assume that you didn't. Humanly, most are following their emotions - trying to find love, affection and connection in the only way they know how - just like the straights are trying to find the same thing.

Yes, the gays are "sinning" - and they do need to repent - just like the rest of humankind. You and I know how painful coping with this issue can be. And you also know - in a personal way that I don't - how much compassion is needed for those who are coping with AIDS.

Humanly, I understand the reasoning of the homosexuals. If I didn't know about God's plan - and if I hadn't been called into His Church - I can see how I could easily be out there with them. It really is a: "But for God's grace go I" situation.The gays are in a painful, conflicted situation.

You of course, also know that. Many of them don't know how to "repent" the way most heterosexuals think they should. Yet most of them will do that someday. They will do it, because they'll see an outstretched compassionate hand wanting to help them - not just condemn them. Yes, you are right - the gays are sinning. But, to my mind, it's inappropriate to compare them directly to the false church - spiritual Babylon and her harlot daughters - when countless homosexuals themselves have often been the victims of cruelty from these false churches!

If you've ever been to the Holocaust Memorial Museum in Washington D.C. you may have seen the display about the "pink triangle" homosexual victims of World War II. They were victims of cruelty that most people, even now, don't hear about. They were demonized, along with the Jews and others, as being "worthy" of being treated cruelly. Those atrocities happened while the Roman Catholic Church remained silent. The powerful experience since seeing that display sticks with me.

Yes, the gays are sinning and need to repent, along with the rest of the world. They will do that someday - with us there to help them. I think I know what you're meaning to say - but the way you said it seems to demonize an already alienated, sinning group of people, who need to be shown the way to repentance.

Please take my comments as a difference of perspective. It's not a personal thing.

[Name withheld by request]


Hello .....,

I hope I made myself clear, and it appears you do understand, that I was referring to the PRINCIPLE of being in love/lust with traditions/ourselves/same sex rather than in love with God and not all the other billion issues we both know that accompany homosexuality. Some Protestants undoubtedly would take issue with me comparing them to whores and prostitutes and say they all haven't chosen whoredoms willingly, at least initially, etc.

I haven't been to the Holocaust thing in DC but I have been to Yad Vashem - the mother of all Holocaust museums in Jerusalem - and they don't have the homosexual victims' category (at least not the last time I was there), as many know, as The Pink Swastika exposes, many Nazis were homosexuals and they often only persecuted the queens [the effeminate]. Have you read it? I have several times and heard one of the co-authors, Kevin Abrams, lecture on it in Jerusalem.

I'll think about this more later. Just a quick response for now.

Thank you for sharing your thoughts. They are much appreciated.


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