Sunday, April 26, 2009

Barry Chamish warned us!

Daisy Stern writes:
ALL the comprehensive agreement with the Vatican is already signed: what they have to sign on Thursday are only the finishing touches; what that tells me is that the contested Church properties have already been "returned" to the possession of the Catholic Church, just as the Russian Compound had been returned to Russia... - MASS DECEPTION PERPETRATED AGAINST JEWS BY THE ISRAELI GOVERNMENT

Mount Zion in danger!

Just like Barry Chamish warned:

In my political writing infancy in 1994, I reported that Yossi Beilin has begun negotiations with the Russians to grant them sovereign ruling status in selected parts of Jerusalem. Well, this month the Israeli government turned some 20% of its capital's downtown over to Russian national control. And just like in '94, no one cares. Imagine turning 20% of Washington over to Russia. You can't do it, can you? Of course not. Only Israel creates a Russian Vatican in the heart of its national capital.

Back in '94, I reported that Shimon Peres had offered the Vatican sovereign control of all of East Jerusalem, including the holy sites of the situated religions and their branches. Now the pope is due to arrive in Jerusalem in May and Peres will be his official "escort." And with the Russian precedent in hand, The Vatican can legally demand the handover of "their" real estate and properties. Escort Peres may take the Holy See to the finest cafes, entertainment and for all we know, the classiest bordellos, but he won't be taking him to the Holocaust museum in Yad VaShem - THE

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