Monday, April 27, 2009

German Arab Maneuvers (Military Cooperation with the United Arab Emirates)
Newsletter 2009/04/22 - German Arab Maneuvers

ABU DHABI/BERLIN (Own report) - Several weeks of joint military maneuvers with the German Air force and Iran's Arab rivals are drawing to a close. According to the Bundeswehr, the exercises included "complex tactical deployments" in the desert of the United Arab Emirates (UAE) with the participation of fighter bomber pilots from Germany, the USA, France, the UAE and Saudi Arabia. It is the second training of this kind with the aim - according to the air force - of coordinating maneuvers with potential military partners in realistic tactical situations. It is based on the "Strategic Partnership", an accord concluded between Berlin and Abu Dhabi in 2004. This accord includes intensive economic cooperation such as UAE government funds buying Daimler shares, as well as military component. The exercises are part of transatlantic efforts to position Arab states against Iran - using their help to restrain an ambitious Teheran.


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