Saturday, April 25, 2009

Christianity isn't what it appears to be

Re: Jesus was a Jew and Jewish!
by David Ben-Ariel

Matthew Ellard wrote:
David Ben-Ariel wrote: Jesus was a Jew! Jesus was Jewish! This is elementary to most Bible-believers, but some have been horribly misled to believe otherwise.

David are you going to inform us that the Pope is catholic next week?

ruben lopez wrote:

Actually, he does question odd beliefs at times, Matthew. Just not his own

How dead wrong you are...again. It is precisely because I have dared to question EVERYTHING that I now have the beliefs that I do and have rejected traditional Christianity's baptized paganism.

A Higher Calling: Quest for the Kingdom of God

If Jesus did exist and was anything like they make him out to be, he would hang around David here because he was into equality for all. Not some idiot who couldn't live with the inconvenience of having to see people with different skin hues.

It appears you've fallen for another Jesus, just like most professing Christians. I'll bet your "Jesus" even smokes pot and puts flowers in peoples' hair...
Despite warnings about another Jesus, different gospels and spirits, the rise of a counterfeit Christianity has deceived the whole world...

Apostate Christians

Yeshua, the God of Israel, the I AM - is the One who decreed segregation for the nations to protect and preserve our God-given diversity that self-righteous and liberal people seek to destroy. Adultery is still a sin. It's in everybody's best interests to segregate now.

Both history and the Bible clearly teach we are not all equal when it comes to gifts and abilities, whether as individuals or races or nations, but we all share the same ultimate potential to be born again into the divine Kingdom-Family of God. Yet your kind always ignores I teach this plain truth, don't you? You cherry pick what you please to pimp your godless agenda, a self-righteous campaign destined to fail.

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