Saturday, April 11, 2009

What are you waiting for?

I was meditating about the matza (unleavened bread), about how our Israelite forefathers were in such a hurry to get the hell out of Egypt their bread didn't have time to rise (and how we're instructed to commemorate that every year for seven days), and wondered how eager or quick are we to forsake sin, to be willing to get out of sinful states or impure conditions that enslave the soul, the status quo, taking sin seriously and hungering and thirsting, craving freedom, or if we want to linger like Lot did... compromise, let down, lose our sense of urgency, procrastinate, all those forms of deadly leaven (Genesis 19:16).

A meaningful holy Passover week, Days of Unleavened Bread, to one and all!

David Ben-Ariel

The Passover Memorial

Jesus GAVE His Life To Give Us LIFE!

Yeshua is the Suffering Servant

Don't Give Up!

Overcome in Christ Daily


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