Thursday, April 23, 2009

Congressional Black Caucus belongs in Black Africa!

Congressional Black Caucus blind in Cuba
by Nat Hentoff -- During their April visit to Cuba, members of the Congressional Black Caucus laid flowers at a Havana memorial to Martin Luther King Jr. Said Fidel Castro (CNN, April 8): "I value the gesture of this legislative group. The aura of Martin Luther King is accompanying them." After meeting Castro, Rep ...


The racist Congressional Black Caucus - representative of typical double standards and reverse discrimination against people of White color - not only chose to play deaf, dumb and blind to the inherent evils of Fidel Castro's totalitarian regime, but further exposed their dark heart and troubled minds by opposing Soetoro/Obama's last minute decision not to attend the hateful and hypocritical, racist Durban Conference where the West and Israel would be bashed while ignoring or denying rampant racism against Whites (Black on White rape, violence and murder far exceeds the reverse) and the Judenrein policies of the Nazi Muslims who occupy dismembered parts of the Jewish Homeland.

It's growing increasingly evident that the hostility of Blacks towards Whites, coupled with the perverse affinity Soetoro/Obama has for sworn enemies of the United States, underscores the truth that Blacks do not belong here as Abraham Lincoln and Marcy Garvey testified.

Let us seek repatriation for Blacks, not reparations, because if White people demand an accounting, sick and tired of the ungrateful Blacks being the White Man's Burden (here and in Africa), Blacks would end up owing us.

I have a dream! In their new Black African homeland, Blacks can have their very own Congressional Black Caucus, their very own Black president, Miss Black (fill in the space for Black African nation of your choice), their very own Black Entertainment Network, Black businesses with Black Pages, Afro-centric ministers, etc. And this White Israelite country can finally be free at last to respect our heritage and remember our roots and not be abused for it.

What are we waiting for?

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