Saturday, March 15, 2008

Africa awaits Oprah and Obama

I've read Oprah is a member of that black supremacist church Obama has faithfully attended (getting indoctrinated for 20 years) - openly and unapologetically Afro-centric - but where would Oprah and Hussein Obama be without all their white supporters? (Can you say, useful idiots?).

If America is so racist against blacks (ignoring, of course, reverse discrimination and the institutionalized racism of affirmative action and such), why don't those who continue to play victim and holler "racism" and down American do something productive and follow Marcus Garvey's example and move to Liberia or any other place they prefer in Africa? Then they could be real "Afro-centered" - right on the continent of Africa. Or they can remain, as outed hypocrites, in the good ol' USA.

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