Monday, March 10, 2008

End Arab occupation of the Jewish Homeland!

From the Religion and Ethics BBS

  • End Arab occupation of the Jewish Homeland!David Ben-Ariel, Mon Mar 10 11:14AM

  • How can Israelis "occupy" what is rightfully their's, biblically and politically? They can't and they never have, but the Jewish Israelis have yet to LIBERATE the biblical territories insanely jealous Arabs occupy.

    Ishmael must go! Just as Mother Sarah was inspired to tell Abraham, and Meir Kahane echoed her prudent call to the Israeli Parliament, which shamefully turned a deaf ear to time-honored wisdom and, like treacherous fools, continue to enable sworn Arab enemies to prowl the Jewish Homeland.

    The Nazi-Muslims, including professing Christian Arabs, have murderously coveted the Promised Land of ISRAEL and seek to pervert it into an accursed Palestine, falling for the dangerous delusion and myth of Palestine, which is against the Word and Will of God.

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