Tuesday, March 25, 2008

FAQs About David Ben-Ariel

In response to many Jerusalem Post letters that I've written over the years, widely read articles and intense participation in innumerable forums as an e-vangelist, mainly about my unjust deportation and efforts to return, I've encountered these frequently asked questions by Jews and p:

Q. You describe yourself as a Christian-Zionist. You're either a Christian or a Jew. Which one are you?

A. I'm a Christian Zionist who believes the rebirth of Israel is nothing short of a miracle, and that all Bible-believers must support this fulfillment of prophecy or deny their faith.

A Zionist is one who supports and seeks the welfare of Zion and encourages Jews to return to Eretz Yisrael. I also strongly believe what many are now discovering: the Israelite identity of many of the peoples of Northwestern Europe. This awareness hastens the process of redemption. Due to my Anglo-Saxon heritage and descent from the British and Scottish Royal Families, I'm considered of the tribes of Joseph and Judah. There are Twelve Tribes of Israel.

Q. If you're not Jewish, why should you be concerned about the Temple? And if you're Jewish aren't there more important Jewish issues?

A. I'm an Israelite and Jewish. Regardless, didn't King Solomon make a special mention of Gentiles in his dedication prayer? Didn't he ask God to bless their pilgrimage to Jerusalem and hear their prayers directed toward His Temple? Isn't it also written that "If the nations of the world had only known how much they needed the Temple, they would have surrounded it with armed fortresses to protect it"? (Bamidbar Rabbah 1,3). Again, doesn't Isaiah prophesy of a "House of Prayer for ALL nations"? Recall that it was Cyrus' interest in the Temple that led to Jewish action!

"The issue of the Temple Mount" (an article in the Winter 1996 edition of B'tzedek magazine) addresses many of the biblical issues concerning the Temple Mount. The Temple could help remind Israel of the biblical meaning and purpose for a Jewish state. That understanding could help bless every other endeavor.

Haggai and Zechariah told us to get our priorities straight. Most were comfortably convinced it wasn't time to build the Temple. Haggai took the political and religious leaders to task for this. Thankfully they responded favorably to this correction and began the construction.

Today Gershon Salomon, chairman of the Temple Mount Faithful, decries that the Temple Mount is not "in our hands," but has shamefully been abandoned by Israel. This ABOMINATION OF DESOLATION must end! If we bless God's House, He'll bless ours. But if we're willing to let foxes roam upon the Temple Mount, God will soon permit Europe to trample Jerusalem.

Q. Are you one of those Christians who want to turn Jews into Christians, and in effect destroy the Jewish nation, or do you simply want to be a Christian who follows Jewish practices?

A. I'm a Christian with Jewish practices (on record in my book, Beyond Babylon: Europe's Rise and Fall) who is closely associated with those Torah-observant Jews who call for a return to biblical values. We uphold God's law as our true constitution and plead with Judah and Joseph to obey God and not men; to fear Him and not the UN; to restore the Temple Mount as the Temple Mount. If the Jews fail to respond to this call for repentance, if they ignore this opportunity for restoration, they'll SELF-destruct.

Q. What do you think of the Oslo "land for peace" process?

A. As a Zionist, it is impossible to sanction giving away one inch of Eretz Yisrael that was promised to ISRAEL and not to Ishmael. I did clearly warn my interrogators in the Russian Compound of Jerusalem that the "peace" process is a trap; that it's about to blow up in their faces, and that a German-led Europe will wage a new crusade to impose the Vatican's version of peace upon the Middle East. I told them I know that Israel won't take this warning seriously any more than those Jews who spurned Ze'ev Jabotinsky's efforts to save them from Hitler.

In conclusion: I've proven that I'm not a fair-weather friend. I've been willing to suffer with those who are trying to help save Israel from itself. I'm not bitter but still expect Israeli citizenship. I plan on standing by Judah's side, even when they temporarily fall because they refused to learn the lessons of the Holocaust - namely, to take your enemy at his word. (The bloody PLO Charter, Hamas and Fatah still call for Israel's destruction, and Israel's "leaders" still choose to downplay it. The Arabs still covet Jerusalem for the capital of their perverted "Palestine" and the timid government tolerates it!). "WHY WILL YOU DIE, O HOUSE OF ISRAEL?" Nevertheless, God will intervene and save us out of the "Time of Jacob's Trouble," the "Great Tribulation," as Two Witnesses will reassure our captive audience, and every survivor in Jerusalem will be holy.

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