Monday, March 17, 2008

Hussein and Oprah's church is racist & treacherous

David Ben-Ariel,
Why don't you move back to Europe?
Strange while you see nothing wrong with your own racist tendencies, you would challenge even the tiniest amount in others.

Ever hear of Manifest Destiny?
It was the belief and understanding that our Great Creator God has given this continent to the White Israelite peoples of Great Britain and NW Europe origin, which is why we needn't return from whence we came as this is our promised land - not the land of the Beringian immigrants who occupied it until we arrived.

Joseph isn't Jewish!

Israel in the Isles

I don't care if Hussein's minister and church is racist, for the most part, since that's their prerogative. However, as an American, I do care when Hussein's church condemns all White people unfairly and Oprah's church speaks treacherously against US.

Hussein and Oprah's treacherous and racist church is filled with hypocrites, because if Africa is so superior, as they teach, what are they waiting for? Let them move to Africa, plain and simple.

Chocolate Continent Awaits the Great Black Return!

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