Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Free Simon Mann!

Zimbabwe rejects Mann's plea for hernia operation
By Lebo Nkatazo

Despair of the dog of war: The extraordinary story of old Etonian mercenary Simon Mann's 'prison transfer' to 'the Dachau of Africa'
This week British mercenary Simon Mann was paraded in manacles on state television in Equatorial Guinea. The story of how the Eton-educated 55-year-old came to be smuggled out of Zimbabwe and to a country once dubbed the 'Dachau of the Continent' for its state-sponsored brutality is a tale of gun skirmishes, ransom bids and shadowy intelligence agencies.....read

Where are bands of white ministers demanding Simon Mann's immediate release? Where are the heads of state decrying the racist treatment of this captive white fellow? Where are decent black people speaking out for Mr. Mann, for his sake and the image of Africa's sake?

Free Simon Mann


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