Monday, May 26, 2008

Some precious positive feedback

We found your website and the online book in 2005 and have read it several times as did Mum before she fell asleep. Mum really found comfort in your 'directness' approach and we would often have a laugh at some of your expressions... We truly believe that God started sending us an upload of information from the year 2005 for some reason and indeed we have so much that we can't keep up. However, isn't this also foretold in the Bible that those who have will receive more?

I am glad I ran across your blog because it gave me hope that is visible to see that there are others out there like you who believe in Gods message brought to us through Mr. Armstrong.... May God bless you abundantly and keep you safe.

After reading some of your materials I could see that you have roots in WCG under Mr. HWA.

Please continue your work of spreading the True Gospel, this is a world in dire need of it before soon to come Tribulation! ...So many of us will have to suffer and be martyrs because of this counterfeit gospel being spewed so widely. It is saddening really… Pray for those who are “Luke Warm” and those like myself. Also, please pray that we are protected or in the very least, become one of those that come out of the Tribulation repentant and protected from the last plagues just before the Day of the Lord as foretold by John in the book of Revelation.

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