Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Catholicism isn't apostolic!

re: Papal Primacy?
By Douglas S. Winnail

Is there an unbroken “apostolic succession” of Roman bishops extending from Peter to the present Pope Benedict XVI? What does history reveal about long-standing claims of special authority for the Bishop of Rome?


The popes, bishops, and anyone else associated with Catholicism are not apostolic and never was. The original church was birthed in Jerusalem. Catholicism didn’t even enter the picture until the late third century, early fourth century. In 325 A.D. a new doctrine was written at the Council of Nicea. Just like in the days of Jesus and the first century apostles, the rulers of the day tried to stamp out the name of Jesus and commanded the apostles NOT to preach or teach in this name! (Acts 4 & 5:17-42)

Irvin Baxter has a detailed lesson on this subject that you can view online. To access this lesson visit our website at www.endtime.com and click on video. Then next to category in the drop-down menu box select Understanding the Bible and then select lesson 17 entitled God’s View of Endtime Christianity.


Tammy Tucker
Correspondence Director
Endtime Ministries

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