Thursday, March 19, 2009

Gerald Flurry's backyard project

Due to cultic complaints by Gerald Flurry to Blogger who politely contacted me -

We are asking that you please remove the allegedly infringing content in your blog. If you do not do this within the next 3 days (by 3/20/09), we will be forced to remove the posts in question. If we did not do so, we would be subject to a claim of copyright infringement, regardless of its merits.

I've therefore modified the post. The entire (rather boring) sermon by Gerald Flurry can be found elsewhere on the internet, but was available here long enough for plenty of people to see for themselves how bizarre and dangerous Gerald Flurry's unbiblical beliefs appear to be (in addition to - in true papal fashion - his assuming many blasphemous religious titles to himself). Apparently this is what Gerald Flurry feared and vainly attempted to prevent, throwing fuel on the fire.

Would to God Gerald Flurry (and his myriad of sycophants) would repent of his expensive backyard project in Edmond, Oklahoma, digging his own grave (responsible for those he has miserably failed to warn), and remember the Work he was originally called to do with a focus on JERUSALEM - a WORLDWIDE Work.


The Elijah Family Vision Sermon: GRF November 3, 2007 .


You don't need any "special revelation" to read and believe the Bible that clearly shows God's House on Earth has always been in Jerusalem - not elsewhere like Mormons and others mislead.
Gerald Flurry foolishly attempts to spiritualize everything away when it comes to the holy temple of God that will be built in Jerusalem. The least he could do is encourage the Jews to fulfill their responsibility to build God's House - the Embassy of the Eternal - in Jerusalem on the Temple Mount and stop equating Edmond with Jerusalem! What chutzpah! What madness!

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Philadelphia Church of God complains about revealing post

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