Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Jews responsible for mass murder of Christians?

Re: More Soft Core Denial

Even while acknowledging Nazis murdered Christians, Deborah Lipstadt continues the shameful Jewish blood libel against Christians by blathering "it was Christians who were running the operation." Apparently many rightly took offense at such a hateful and murderous charge but instead of correcting her historical error, she digs herself in deeper with typical Jewish double standards: "...while they were certainly not officially acting on behalf of the Church, no Catholic was excommunicated for participating in this effort."

I'm glad Deborah Lipstadt (who has been valiant in the fight against irrational Holocaust denial) recognized the legitimate critiques of her blood libel against Christians but am sad she suppressed my historical points that deserve consideration (she failed to publish my incriminating posts on her blog), especially since she states no Catholic was excommunicated for participating in Hitler's effort against the Jews, considering no Jew has been banned by Jewish religious authorities for instigating or forging the deadly isms of a perverted messianism like Communism, Socialism, etc. that have resulted in the persecution and mass murder of millions of professing Christians.

It was Christians who fought and won WWII (and it's irrelevant to those who lost loved ones that Jews were at the top of Hitler's Hit List), Christians who hid Jews, and Christians who support the welfare state of Israel today. Instead of focusing on real or imagined Christian imperfections during WWII (why call it by a name and concept that isn't kosher? human burnt offerings aren't acceptable to God - The Holocaust isn't Kosher), let the Jews clean their own house since many Jews collaborated with the Nazis and others refused to do more, as Meir Kahane and Barry Chamish and other brave souls have testified.

Apparently Deborah Lipstadt is in hard core denial of these facts or has simply chosen to look the other way.

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