Saturday, March 28, 2009

Infighting among Israelites nothing new

Re: British Israelite Orde Wingate

The Northern Ten-tribed Kingdom of Israel, as prophesied, migrated north and west and into the isles.

Israel in the Isles

Yes, there was infighting and wars and cruelties amongst the migrating Israelites, but that is nothing new under the sun. We also had our "civil war" in the United States and yet we're still family, aren't we?

The word "Jews" is first used in the Bible when the Northern Kingdom of Israel (allied with Syria) was at war with the Southern Kingdom of Judah.

The Anglo-Saxon-Celtic Israelites had nothing to do with "Judaism" and had long lost knowledge of their Hebrew roots and biblical responsibilities, and since they had detached themselves from the biblical God (like professing Christians today) and chose paganism, they were sent into captivity (just like our peoples will be shortly).

Israel and Judah Must Get House in Order Before King Messiah Arrives

The Germans in Germany today are predominantly descendants of ASSYRIA, not Israelites, as the Israelites sojourned there and then moved away as the Spirit led them.

German-American Israelites?

What is dreadful news to many Jews concerning the "holocaust" is that too many perished due to the hypocrisy of their leaders, the collaboration of Jews with Nazis, the rejection of warnings by both secular and religious sources to get out while they could, and had nothing to do with Joseph (who had already moved to the British Israelite isles).

What is wrong with the rabbis?

Of course, some choose to remain blind to Joseph identity today, even though this wealth of information stands before them, regardless of the overwhelming evidence from both the Bible and history that testify to the Hebrew roots, the Israelite origins, of the British peoples and the white peoples of Northwestern Europe.

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