Saturday, March 17, 2007

Black Racists Slaughter Whites in South Africa - Where's the Outrage?

This has been going on ever since the godless liberals succeeded in ousting white leaders for Black Communists, as some of the links will testify, but the situation is getting worse and WHERE IS THE WORLD MEDIA?

As someone has written, formerly when a white policeman's dog (trained for riots) went after a black criminal, the whole world knew about it and condemned it as racist. Some of these horrifying pictures of elderly white women (and even a little white baby) brutalized and murdered have yet to be shown.

I'm doing what I can to help expose how primitive the black rule has proven itself to be and how it should serve as a warning to our Israelite family of nations how bestial the Great Tribulation, the Times of the Gentiles, the Time of Jacob's Trouble, will be if we don't turn from our personal and national sins, seek God and save ourselves (2 Chronicles 7:14).

Here are some gruesome links, the ugly reality of the mess those who railed against apartheid made in South Africa.

Judge for yourselves:

Murders of white farmers in SA (warning, pictures not suitable for sensitive viewers)

Stop Boer Genocide is a website trying to alert the world about what's happening in South Africa and receiving very little coverage, which is racist in itself.

South Africa's planned land seizure from white farmers (look at the starvation in Zimbabwe/Rhodesia due to such hateful and ignorant racist policies).

There is also talk of an operation of Black African Nationalist and Communist extremists to eliminate the White European population of South Africa an hour after former President of South Africa, Nelson Mandela, dies.

For further information, faith and not just fear, hope and not just despair, see South Africa in Prophecy.

David Ben-Ariel is a Christian-Zionist writer and author of Beyond Babylon: Europe's Rise and Fall. With a focus on the Middle East and Jerusalem, his analytical articles help others improve their understanding of that troubled region. Check out the Beyond Babylon blog.


Anonymous said...

Really is sickening...

How can Whites stop this liberal nonsense?

Dennis said...

I live in SA, I am white. a Boer as we are called. And I am proud of it. What is going on in SA is more than slaughter. But we are getting tired, soon we will start fighting back.

Amanda said...

I am a white South African living in the States, my family and I are seeking assylum as we feel so strongly that we have to run from our home or suffer a horrible fate. I have three beautiful children who deserve to live in safety, get a good education and have bright futures. South Africa can offer none of these things, I lived with my head in the sand for many years in the hope that things would improve. I was a fool.
I pray that God bless all the homes of fellow white SouthAfricans and may he keep you all safe from harm.
As for me and my family I pray that God will hold us tight and deliver us into our new home where ever that may be.
(I will never return to South Africa.)

David Ben-Ariel said...

Dear Amanda,

May God hear your prayer and bless you and your children to find shelter in Him and in whatever country you become a new citizen.

If only the white Americans would wake up to see if we don't change our ways and quick, our country is also headed down the drain.

Love and prayers,

Hakkem said...

i am an african and i wouldn't feel a pang of guilt if 100milllion americans are slaughter.Like i give a damn about one fucking white.HOw were we shipped into your goodam country.You treated us like dogs you deserve no better. why the fuck are u in SA anyway?Aha! for the gold i Know.Thiefs!That's all you ever do.Steal!!!

Get the hell out of our land.What good have u done anyway?raped our women, mixed your devilish blood with our and call them black-americans,how many advanced slavery do u do per day to everyone all in the name of ur visa lottery.

you guyz think we dumb right!We will kidnap your ass in bayelsa,Eket and boony we ain't going to ask for ransom anymore .JUDGMENT DAY

" might take time but judgemnt will come". JUdgement is here

David Ben-Ariel said...

"Hakkem" is Exhibit A of how White Israelites could have been justified in destroying such primitive beasts, a danger to themselves and others, rather than enable them to become the curse they represent.

"Hakkem" still plays the VICTIM, woefully or willfully ignorant of how it was his Black brothers, Black tribes, that fought, kidnapped and sold each other into slavery - to other Blacks and to White people.

"Hakkem" just doesn't get it that Africa belongs to God and to whomever He chooses to give it, and that part of the White Israelite inheritance is the property and wealth of parts of Africa, especially South Africa and Rhodesia (now Zimbabwe ruins). Now, without proper White management, Blacks in Africa are quickly reverting to their primitive state, murder capital of the world, rape capitol of the world, criminal capitol of the world, as the whole world can see.

Anonymous said...


In South Africa today there are many WHITES who are JOBLESS, HOMELESS and HUNGRY. Some of them live in squalor, drunk and the women become whores to feed their families. However there are still those the majority of the WHITES who still are PROUD and wants to HELP themselves but do not have the means to do so.

Firstly HUNGRY for FOOD as they cannot provide for their families and have to live in shacks and BEG for food.

Secondly HUNGRY for FREEDOM to live their dream of being FREE from the ANC REGIME so they can practice the CHRISTIAN RELIGION , Raise their children, live their culture in their OWN language AFRIKAANS.

Thirdly HUNGRY for JOBS so they can have a HOME and again proud to be called BOEREVOLK.

AFRIKAANS speaking WHITES are being discriminated against in schools, government, job market and the providing of services to them from REGIME. .

Revolution begins with the HUNGRY and DESPERATE who wants to have FREEDOM.

This is looking more and more like it is starting to happen in SOUTH AFRICA.

These WHITES were mostly conscripted into the armed forces during APARTHEID have the training to wage WAR against the REGIME.

They will wage WAR if they are attacked and currently every day they are living in fear as BLACKS are killing and raping their fellow WHITES who still have money.

A project is being investigated for the JOBLESS, HOMELESS and HUNGRY WHITES to help themselves.

Do not give a hungry person a fish but rather a fishing line and hook so he can fish.


A piece of farmland was given to this project where WHITES can live and farm , however at the moment no Housing or sanitation is present. No tools for this project. Donations already promised ZAR20000 (USD2000).

As they are in desperate need to start this project in PHASES so they can help themselves we NEED your Donations of any kind. An amount of ZAR500000 (USD50000) is needed to fund this project after which it will fund itself and other projects like this throughout SOUTH AFRICA. SO start today and let the BOEREVOLK HELP themselves towards FREEDOM.

Please contact me for further info:

Let me give you a little BACKGROUND on the BOEREVOLK.:

The BOEREVOLK are descendants from WHITE settlers who came mostly from EUROPE during the late 1600’s to present. They came mostly from FRANCE, NETHERLANDS, GERMANY and ENGLAND fleeing persecution because of their religion and beliefs and settled on the southern part of AFRICA. They carved an existence from this barren country and when the BRITISH EMPIRE took over in the 1800’s they moved inland again to carve out their existence in the inland where they fought wars against the BLACKS coming from NORTH AFRICA eventually starting 2 BOER REPUBLICS in the FREE STATE and TRANSVAAL. The BRITISH then annexed them in the late 1800’s and 2 WARS for BOER FREEDOM was fought. The first was won by the BOERS . THE second ANGLO BOER WAR the BRITISH killed 24000 children and 3000 women in CONCENTRATION CAMPS and only 3000 MEN were killed on the BOER side. This war was fought with over 500000 BRITISH TROOPS.

In 1910 the UNION of SOUTH AFRICA was founded and in 1914 there was a REBELLION against the BRITISH which was quelled by force and a few BOER leaders were executed.

In 1994 the Nationalist Party under FW de Klerk gave the ANC REGIME SOUTH AFRICA on a platter and the BOERS are still suffering from that.

This is a short history and not complete.

SOME Members of the BOEREVOLK are still in a FIGHT for FREEDOM and are spending time in jail or in court fighting for FREEDOM, whilst other MEMBERS are fighting for their LIVES and living in FEAR.


Yours sincerely