Thursday, March 05, 2009

Cohen v Obama

Barack Obama is no Eli Cohen

I've emailed and written Senators Sherrod Brown and George Voinovich, Representative Marcy Kaptur and others concerning apparent president usurper Obama, and only Senator Brown was professional enough to respond (albeit with an email that exposes ignorance of what it means to be a natural born citizen versus an American citizen). Senator Voinovich and Representative Marcy Kaptur have failed to fulfill their responsibility to address this legitimate question and Constitutional issue concerning Obama.

Emperor Obama has no clothes and the polluted mainstream media, as well as too many irresponsible politicians and officials, aid and abet his terrorism against our Constitution and his betrayal of We The People.

Truth is stranger than fiction. Eli Cohen, Our Man in Damascus, proves how it's possible for someone to infiltrate a country and advance among officials due to mass assumption he is legitimate due to extensive political and military connections.

Eli Cohen infiltrated Syria for good, helping to protect and preserve Israel; Barry Soetoro aka Barack Hussein Obama (when did he legally change his name?) appears driven to destroy the United States, pursuing an evil agenda against the United States, indoctrinated in Black Liberation Theology for over 20 years in racist Jeremiah Wright's haven of hatred. Truth can stop him dead in his tracks, expose his fraud, and indict those who empowered his Big Lie and set us free. It's time for Spring cleaning - let's clean House!

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