Monday, July 27, 2009

Great reviews on WND forum

WND forum

RE: A Revealing Moment for America
Posted by stoecker on Jul 26, 2009

On a day when my fellow patriots have said many important things on this site, and said them well, this is one of the best of the day, and one of your best...well researched and well written. William B Stoecker

RE: A Revealing Moment for America
Posted by WXRGina on Jul 26, 2009

Mr. Stoecker,

I thought the same thing when I read his post!

Thank you, Mr. Ben-Ariel, for your insightful, articulate contributions to our forum. This latest on Gates/Obama NAILS it!

Gina Miller

RE: A Revealing Moment for America
Posted by CLIQUE777 on Jul 26, 2009

For Mr Gates and the Kenyan Fraudbama, maybe the phrase "despicably wicked" is in order, all their warm and fussy false and deceitfully pretentious talking-points of unity and healing race relations notwithstanding.


RE: A Revealing Moment for America
Posted by CLIQUE777 on Jul 26, 2009

Dear David,

I think Mr Gates should be given a more charitable view in this. Chunking "intellectual watermelons" isn't such a bad thing for a fellow whose only job prospect aside from Harvard is likely a place named McDonalds.

"Guetto quart" - probably a Colt 45 Malt Liquor.

Unfortunately, the Psychopaths in the hierarchy of the Democratic party and Progressive elites, are quickly painting black folks in a tiny little corner. I have always been considerate of blacks, but what we are seeing since Fraudbama was elected is a new level of black militancy that is unacceptable, and any charitable presumption in their favor is fast evaporating.

Imagine, black folks near-worshipping a Kenyan usurper who hasn't done a thing to reduce the 20% unemployment rate among blacks, other than to help out a criminal enterprise like ACORN.

I guess blacks feel the handout of the Democratic party is better than a helping hand from white folks or anyone else so inclined. Ingnorant black racists following "wicked" black elitists in the Democratic party's Aristocracy.

Its a shame for blacks, it really is. I guess they will just never wake up.


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