Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Robert Brundage another statistic

Re: Toledo Mayor Says Black Thug Was Having A Bad Moment!
Robert Brundage, an older white gentleman, was punched in the head and left for dead, his bicycle stolen by a 15 year black thug about 6:30 pm, June 22 in Toledo, Ohio.

ROBERT BRUNDAGE DIED YESTERDAY - another statistic, another victim of BLACK ON WHITE VIOLENCE. When will we demand change?

Shades of South Africa where BLACK ON WHITE VIOLENCE is common place and often unreported or downplayed, just like the dangerous and hateful liberals do here.

The New South Africa blog attempts to chronicle the extreme violence and secret genocide being committed against the white minority of South Africa. Tens of thousands of whites have been murdered since 1994. Brutal torture and rape is common and not even the young or elderly are spared.

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