Monday, July 13, 2009

Spiritual purpose for physical Temple

I understand the temple of God to be within, when the Father & Christ make their abode inside each adopted member of the family of God, through their Holy Spirit. - Bernard

Didn't Moses have the Holy Spirit when he oversaw the construction of the holy Tabernacle? How about David when he prepared for the Temple? Or Ezra and Nehemiah? Did that stop them from their holy physical work for the Tabernacle and Temple? Did they feel they were better than that and didn't need to do as God led them to do because they had the Holy Spirit? No.

Clearly the physical building of the holy Temple of God serves as a physical place to physically gather to worship God, as commanded, on the NATIONAL and INTERNATIONAL level. The spiritual Temple, that has always been composed of those filled with God's Holy Spirit (and the Prophets had God's Holy Spirit before Shavuot/Pentecost, long before the Church of God was established in Jerusalem), doesn't compete or rule out the physical/national purposes God has ordained for the literal, physical Temple He commands Israel to build. Furthermore, this ought to be evident since the spiritual Temple (the early Jewish Church of God) continued to gladly meet, worship and fellowship at the physical Temple of God until they were warned to flee (to Pella - not stay in their homes) before the destruction, and as Paul proves, even offer sacrifices (with a deeper understanding of their meaning).

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