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Angela McGlowan Calls On Black Community To Hold Own Accountable

Angela McGlowan Calls On Black Community To Hold Own Accountable
April 11, 2007 02:00 PM EST

In response to the controversial exchange sparked by Don Imus and furthered by a response by Rev. Al Sharpton, Angela McGlowan agrees with the radio host’s suspension, but also agrees with comments Imus made that the demeaning language he used is language also wrongfully used by those of the black and ‘gangster rap’ community.

“There is no doubt that Don Imus was wrong and should be held accountable,” says McGlowan. “But what of our own people? Gangster rappers and others use this language every day. To not hold those people accountable as well would be a double-standard. So if Sharpton is going to ask Imus to step down and call for a boycott of Imus’ show, then he should boycott all radio stations playing gangster rap.”

McGlowan’s strong message towards those of her community extends into her new book Bamboozled: How Americans are being Exploited by the Lies of the Liberal Agenda. In this, Angela McGlowan offers a wake-up call that exposes liberals’ continuing scheme to manipulate blacks, Latinos and women into supporting a political party that continues to sell them out and mislead them. Bamboozled tells the real story of which political party has historically fought for the rights of blacks, Latinos and women, and why it is so essential that voters understand the Republican Party’s role in advancing civil rights before they elect our next president.

Angela McGlowan, founder and president of Political Strategies and Insights, a Washington D.C. based consulting firm, interviews some of America’s biggest political players and insiders within Bamboozled, shedding a light on the baffling phenomenon as to why in the world blacks, Latinos and women vote for an ultra-liberal agenda – one that oppresses them and has a legacy that includes generational welfare dependence, a near-fatherless generation, soaring criminal delinquency, rampant drug addiction, and a disastrous educational system.

Interviews in Bamboozled include Rev. Al Sharpton, Bill O’Reilly, NOW president Kim Gandy, Weekly Standard editor Bill Kristol, Bonnie Erbe, host of PBS’ “To The Contrary”, Judge Joe Brown, Secretary of Housing and Urban Development Alphonso Jackson, former Secretary of Education Rod Paige, Congressman Jesse Jackson Jr., Robert Deposada, former president of the Latino Coalition, Center for Equal Opportunity Chair Linda Chavez, New York Times Best Selling author John McWhorter, and many more.

Bamboozled exposes:

-How the GOP and its conservative policy prescriptions better represent the true values and interests of blacks, Latinos and women, and provide the best economic opportunities for these voters and their families. Today, for instance, blacks and Latinos enjoy explosive economic and entrepreneurial success and opportunities in America.

-How the liberal social policies have led to the decline of the family, yet the Democrats continue to champion a culture of government dependence, exploiting black, Latino and women voters under the guise of compassion. In reality, the erosion of the traditional family is a triumph for liberals.

-How “Victimhood Vendors” like Louis Farrakhan, Teddy Kennedy and Reverend Jesse Jackson spew an endless diet of racial paranoia and liberal policies, promoting the image of black misery and failure instead of offering solutions.

-How blacks and Latinos hold values of faith and family that should make them far more comfortable with the Republican Party, but they continue to be bamboozled by the Democrats into not voting their values.

-How the Democrats have re-written history about their involvement in the civil rights struggle. Most Americans do not know they were the party of the KKK and the Confederacy, or that the longest serving member of the Senate today, Senator Robert Byrd (D), is a former Klansman who filibustered the Civil Rights Act of 1964 for over 14 hours. The party’s history of oppression, lynching and intimidation has been hidden so well for so long that the mere mention of it today seems conspiratorial rather than factual.

-How the liberals pretend to “fight for the little guy,” but all they really are doing is trying to ensure that the little guy stays little. After all, if the little guy prospers, who would the liberals have to fight for?

-How the flood of illegal aliens in our country is considered a golden opportunity for Democrats; a two-for-one special that allows liberals to race-bait Latino voters by making Republicans look like bigots, plus giving the liberals the lions’ share of votes from the 12 million illegal aliens with the passage of an amnesty bill.

-How liberals like Hillary Clinton and John Kerry are fighting for the voting rights of convicted murderers, rapists, thugs and pedophiles. With 4 million felons in the USA, is this the most sought-after voting bloc by liberals? Bamboozled will answer that for you.

Says Angela McGlowan, “The liberal agenda’s future success hinges on its ability to create a grievance culture of victimhood and dependency, with a ‘blame America first attitude’. Through the creation of a labyrinth of government programs, bureaucracies, the mainstream media and the ‘Hip Hop’ crew’s glorification of the ‘gangsta life’, liberals have successfully oppressed women, the poor and people of color, essentially sapping their drive for self-reliance by creating a dependency-inducing welfare culture.”

Don’t be Bamboozled any longer!

Angela McGlowan is founder and president of Political Strategies and Insights, a Republican strategist, Fox News political analyst, and former legislative aide

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