Friday, April 13, 2007

Vatican delegate to shun Holocaust remembrance service

Vatican delegate to shun Holocaust remembrance

Lilach Shoval
Published: 04.12.07, 02:11 / Israel News

Vatican ambassador to Israel Monsignor Antonio Franco has refused to participate in annual Holocaust Day memorial services at the Yad Vashem Museum in Jerusalem.

Franco is shunning the service due a photograph displayed at the Holocaust museum depicting then-Pope Pius XII. The caption beside the photo comments on the pope's dubious reaction to the murder of Jews during the Holocaust...


If the Jewish Homeland of Israel were a self-respecting country, they would bar the Vatican delegate from attending any Holocaust remembrance service since its hypocrisy would stink to high Heaven.

Let the bloody Vatican return the Temple treasures they hold hostage; release the Jewish manuscripts and artifacts they've refused to let go; acknowledge their role in the infamous ratlines; stop aiding and abetting the Nazi-Muslim demand for an accursed "Palestine" carved out of the Promised Land of Israel; cease and desist immediately from undermining Israeli sovereignty over Jerusalem and a host of other evils they're accomplice to.

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