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Beyond Babylon: Europe's Rise and Fall - Chapter 6 - "Jesus and the Jews"

Beyond Babylon: Europe's Rise and Fall

Jesus and the Jews

"Why don't the Jews accept Jesus?" I've been asked that so many times. My usual reply is "Why haven't the Christians?" At least the Jews are waiting for the proper imperial restoration. The Messiah's coming to sit on DAVID'S THRONE—not Caesar's or "St. Peter's." The Anointed One's going to rule from JERUSALEM—not Rome! Israel's descendants composed God's Kingdom on earth, not the Assyrian Germans or Chaldean Catholics.

God's Word will become the law of the land (Earth's constitution) from Zion. Heavenly truths will flow from God's Temple in Israel, not from the Vatican in Europe (Ezek. 47:1). Israel's God is eager to share His information, distribute wisdom, and disseminate knowledge from the "CITY OF TRUTH" (Zech.8:3).

Mankind's about to enter the mikveh (ritual bath) of God’s Holy Spirit (that will wash the world), and come out new men and women! The Bible covers everything, and its plans include everyone—no one will be left out (Isa. 11:9). We'll be saved from our sins, no longer swept away by them!

But renegade Jews, who became avowed atheists, apostates or professing Christians, projected their PERVERSION on others and captivated whole countries with wrong ideas. Those false Messiahs have held men hostage to their thoughts, and imprisoned others with poisonous ideologies!

Thanks to Torah-Jews— those who follow and believe the Bible (as they understand it) — God has preserved for us the knowledge and identity of the seventh day Sabbath and holy days and when to keep them (Rom. 3:2).

It’s been said, and it’s true, "More than the Jew have kept the Sabbath, the Sabbath has kept the Jew." It’s an identifying national sign that the "Lost Ten Tribes" didn't keep (Ex. 31:17). Sabbath observance brings recognition.

God knew most of our Israelite ancestors, because of debilitating sins, would lose their minds and forget His ways, considering themselves Gentile (Deut. 28:64). We would be sifted through many nations, but finally come into our own (Amos 9:9). God promised to restore our identity, and offer us repentance, before and during our final captivity. He makes possible renewal amid decay.

Is the modern-day nation of Israel a completely fulfilled prophecy? How can it be when most Jews haven't returned home? Not to mention the other tribes. David hasn't been resurrected as king yet and the Messiah hasn't come. For now, Israel fulfills, in part, various biblical prophecies. For example, God promised to "save Zion and build the cities of Judah" (Ps. 69:35). He's faithfully done that by rewarding Jewish efforts (Isa. 61:4; Ps. 102:13-14). God has used the Jews to make the desert blossom as the rose and protected them during this conversion process, just as Moses requested (Deut. 33:7).

Zechariah chapters 12-14 foretold the Jews would again be living in their God-given capital of JERUSALEM, with their own rulers, and that the "United Nations" would oppose God's Word and Israeli sovereignty and fight against Christ's return to set things straight!

Zechariah reveals that the Jews (not Jewish imposters, contrary to anti-Semitic slander) would again be a FORMIDABLE MILITARY POWER in the Middle East with God working in and through and for them. And the scriptures speak of "THE CITIES OF JUDAH" in these last days (Isa. 40:1-3). They don't refer to them as "stolen Arab cities" or "occupied territories!" However, Israel is only a type of what will happen after the next holocaust.

The True Israel

The Bible does prophesy "the Time of Jacob’s Trouble" will occur just before Messiah comes and saves us out of it. The tragedy about to strike this time will target the English-speaking peoples. Technically, we're the only ones who can claim the name "Israel." God's blessing was passed down from Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob to JOSEPH. Jacob laid his hands upon Joseph's two sons (Ephraim and Manasseh) and said, "Let my name [Israel] be named upon them" (Gen. 48:16). Only Joseph's sons were collectively called ISRAEL.

"Rachel" is about to mourn for her children. The Jews were never her children! They're descendants of Judah, Leah’s son. Rachel bore Jacob two sons: Joseph and Benjamin (Gen. 35:24). The prophet Jeremiah foresaw "Rachel" beside herself with grief. She was overwhelmed by her sorrow: "Thus says the LORD: 'A voice was heard in Ramah, lamentation and bitter weeping, Rachel weeping for her children, because they are no more" (Jer. 31:15).

Jacob's Trouble

The worst time in Earth's history is ahead! Dreadful days are fast approaching, and suffocating darkness is just around the bend! It's primarily the time of "Jacob's trouble." We've seen how it's the Anglo-Saxons (the sons of Joseph) who bear Jacob/Israel's name. We'll also bear the brunt of Europe’s wrath. "Rachel" SCREAMS in agony over our slaughter! It'll appear as if we've met our end….
But God comforts the afflicted women, and offers hope to men gone mad with misery, that we haven't passed the point of no return. Against every indication that we're finished, God will restore us to our ancient homeland (Jer. 31:16-20). He says we'll soon see how good we’ve had it, and how pampered and privileged we’ve been. We're not used to having our freedoms curtailed! We're unaccustomed to hunger, pain and deprivation. We're rich and spoiled!

Such terrifying prophecies should "scare us to death!" We ought to bury those ways that are bringing us to an early grave. A normal nation would suffer an anxiety attack and feel mental anguish over these horrors, but we stretch out and take it easy, preoccupied with trivial pursuits! We feed our faces and powder our noses, awash in luxury—but God sees our dirty laundry and warns us of a coming scourge! We don't want to hear it or believe it (Amos 6:3-7), so we
crank up the music and drown out God's words with liquor!

Jerusalem’s Fall

America's going to be on the run, Britain left high and dry! Europe won't give up until they've occupied our countries and rubbed our faces in the dirt! God says we've acted like a tramp, so Europe will trample us. We've lost our salt and have become good for nothing, so they'll walk all over us!

Despite false assurances from rabbis that Jerusalem will never fall again (because the process of redemption can't be stopped), Jerusalem is going to fall for peace! Zion will be taken and the Lion caged! The UN is going to violate Israel's agreement and break Europe's promise! In breach of their LYING GUARANTEES, Jewish homes will be broken into and their women raped!

Why? In part because the Nazi-Muslims continue to erase all archaeological evidence of any Jewish presence upon the Temple Mount. It’s an open secret, protested by too few. So since we obviously don't care for God's House, why should He care for ours? (Ps. 106:24; Hag. 1:4). We've looked the other way while they've defiled His holy place, so God will permit personal Jewish belongings to be stolen and family heirlooms looted, while half of Jerusalem is bled in broad daylight! The Old City's Jewish Quarter will be given no quarter by the fascist Europeans, who will empty them out and quarter "peacekeepers" instead (Zech.14:1-2).

The process of redemption can't be stopped, but it can be "interrupted" as part of that holy process. Biblical prophecy and history prove this fact. Such rebellious rabbis who state otherwise are like those stubborn religious leaders who gave ancient Judah a false sense of security that they were invincible because of the
Temple (Jer. 7:4). Their "lucky charm" didn't save them, any more than the Tabernacle did other sinners (Jer. 7:12, 14). And, more recently, those Torah-scholars and religious Jews who felt safe and secure in their European ghettos were dead wrong! They should have returned to Zion with the Socialists. Actually, they should have led the way!

Europe’s New Crusade

Rome will again ravage the Holy Land! Abominable armies will quickly pollute "Palestine." The prophet Daniel warns of treacherous Jews who invite disaster: those secular politicians (who profane the public's trust) and informers (lacking intelligence) who eagerly conspire to sell out Israel for a price—although it'll cost
them their lives! (Dan. 11:30-32).

EUROPE'S NEW CRUSADE WILL BETRAY BOTH ARABS AND JEWS! It'll be launched under the guise of "peace." Egypt's going to be sacked (Dan. 11:42-45), Libya looted, and Ethiopia enslaved! The dark prince and wizard of war will send his "peace-keeping" troops to the Middle East to recapture Jerusalem for the Catholic faith and prepare for his arrival! He'll bless their mission and consecrate their carnage from his haunted house (built upon the bones of sorcerers).

The pope's going to cast his "love spell" over the whole world! Nations will fall under his influence and empty Jews will find themselves enchanted by his ideas. Some Israelis, flattered by attention and filled with an inflated sense of self-importance, will get seduced and swallow risky potions for "peace." They'll wake up too late! Israel's fatal attraction will kill us, and Judah's deadly liaison will curse them.

After World War II, the scraggly remnant of European Jewry scrambled for "Palestine." Others were sprinkled around the globe. The nation of Israel was born—again! God had prepared the way for that momentous day (May 15, 1948) by sending the British (Ephraim) to liberate the land from the Edomite Turks, just as prophesied. In November, 1917, the Balfour Declaration recognized the right of Jews to a homeland, and during Hanukkah in December, the Royal squadron flew over Jerusalem (Isa. 31:5) as General Allenby delivered Zion—without firing a shot! The British-Israelites ended the Gentile occupation! (Obadiah 18).

Presently, the Jews hold the Land in trust for all Israel (Rom. 3:2). Israel—not Ishmael or Germany or Spain—is the sole Defender of the Holy Land, possessor of every biblical right and chief executive officer. A number of Jews have returned, and undoubtedly a representative amount of the other tribes, but they only foreshadow the greatest Zionist movement yet to occur! We're getting close to another EXODUS (Jer. 23: 7-8).

Judah and Israel Enslaved

The United States, the British Commonwealth and Israel are DESTINED TO LOSE WWIII! We're going down and out together! We'll be reunited in NATIONAL CAPTIVITY—something that hasn't happened since our slavery in Egypt. The Northern ten-tribed Kingdom of Israel fell 130 years before the ancient Kingdom of Judah. This time (Jer. 50:33) EUROPE will conquer us together! They’ll refuse to let us go! A great Gentile Empire was prophesied to emerge just prior to Messiah (Dan. 7). DANIEL IDENTIFIES ROME'S REVIVAL AS THAT BEAST-POWER!

An Unholy Emperor and Scheming Pope

After God's plan has been fulfilled and the European Federation of States have accomplished His purpose, God will direct His attention to their dictator (Isa.10: 12-19). God's going to have to put Europe's leader back in his place and remind him he's only human—NOT A DIVINE EMPEROR (Rev. 13:18). He's numbered among men (6), not equal with God (7). His striking military success and
unusual abilities are only because God has predetermined which nations will fall. They're doomed from the start, having condemned themselves by rejecting God's terms for life and liberty!

If the Anglo-Saxon and Jewish peoples continue living in sin—instead of turning from our wicked ways—it's inevitable that we'll die in sin! "Cast away all the transgressions by which you have offended, and get yourselves a new heart and a new spirit, that you may not die, O House of Israel. For it is not My desire that anyone shall die—declares the Lord GOD. Repent, therefore, and live!"
(Ezek. 18:31-32 JPS).

God's still waiting for our change of heart. Time's running out quickly! We don't have a day to waste. Satan's inspiring Europe's future military leader right now! Visions of grandeur—the restoration of Rome's glory—are whetting his appetite, preparing him for compulsive behavior!

Europe's beast will devour anything that gets in his way! We'll admit we've deserved punishment, but we're going to beg God to save us from Europe's madmen: "Pour out Your wrath on the nations who have not heeded You, Upon the clans that have not invoked Your name. For they have devoured Jacob, have devoured and consumed him, And have laid desolate his homesteads" (Jer. 10:25

God says since we’ve hated His ways, and didn't want to hear His words, He'll give us over to those who hate and despise us (Lev. 26:17). We'll hear them shouting orders and spitting curses at us! We’re talking about a BLOODTHIRSTY ANIMAL!

Europe's going to be foaming at the mouth! Like a shepherd tries to rescue what he can, two legs or a piece of an ear, God will have to save what's left of us. Regardless of how wealthy of a home or how rich of a neighborhood we live in, God warns we're going to be taken out and rounded up (Amos 3:12, 15). The Predator's going to sniff us out and empty our homes, leaving only a skeletal frame! But King Messiah will go through the ruins and salvage Israel.

Joining the military madman in Europe (who's actually an evil genius), will be a sovereign religious figure that overshadows Earth’s affairs. This father of lies and murderer of truth will have his evil eyes set on Jerusalem! He'll harness dark powers and bridle political energies, directing them to do his bidding, in an attempt to repossess the Holy Land (Ezek. 28:2-3) and occupy the Temple! God
will permit them to occupy Jerusalem but commands them to steer clear of the Temple Mount, but they'll sin and trespass upon its holy ground and undermine their authority and number their days (Mark 13:14, Rev. 11:2).

Where’s the Temple?

Something’s missing. Rome is synonymous with the Vatican, Mecca with the Kaaba, and Jerusalem's known for its Western Wall. But WHY should we stand before the Wall, letting it obstruct our vision, when we could be praying in a Temple? Why should Jews continue to bow before an illegitimate Gentile decree that tells them where to pray? (Isa. 10:1). The Turks designated the Wall as an
alternative “holy” site since Muslims had stolen the Temple Mount! If we rightly refused to accept Uganda as a Jewish homeland, why should Jews settle for anything less than a Temple for worship? That basically, is the gist of the message our demonstrations seek to send.

The Temple Mount and Land of Israel Faithful Movement doesn't only protest the ongoing Nazi-Muslim occupation of our Temple Mount, but proclaims that this unnatural set of circumstances will come to an end. We're confident that Muslim rule on the Temple Mount will soon be history, just as surely as the Berlin
Wall fell and Eastern Europe came out from under the Russian heel. The restoration of Jews from all over the world to their ancient homeland is only the first step towards the redemption of our land and lives. Israel, for the most part, is an empty, secular state. It’s about as "Jewish" as America is "Christian!"

THE FACT THAT THE TEMPLE MOUNT IS STILL WITHOUT A TEMPLE STANDS AS AN INDICTMENT AGAINST ISRAEL! God will hold Israel's political and religious leaders responsible!

Jerusalem’s known as the heart of Israel, the crown of the "Jewish" state. The Temple Mount is the crown jewel. This historic Jewish treasure is a "diamond in the rough." It awaits our craftsmen's tender loving care to bring it to the brilliant perfection it deserves (Ps. 50:2). We protest that this responsibility hasn't been fulfilled yet, but we proclaim that these things could change overnight. The world was caught off guard by the rapid succession of events that shook Europe
and the former USSR. The "experts" exposed how ignorant they really are.

Nobody needs to be surprised when inevitable events ROCK JERUSALEM and they feel its aftershocks worldwide. They've been foretold. What’s presently missing in Israel will be found when we're filled with our historic mission and accomplish our intended purpose: the restoration of the sacrificial system and the construction
of the Third Temple!

Hanukkah Hypocrisy

Shamefully, today’s leaders reflect a GHETTO-MENTALITY and expose the sorry state of Israel and Jewish affairs! They're starved for this world’s affection, afraid to be different, and too willing to sacrifice our unique identity. God condemns those KAPOS OF COMPROMISE who would rather sell-out than take an unpopular stand.

Although it's not politically correct, and goes against our democratic grain, and could result in a backlash—Hanukkah represents those who are willing, if and when necessary, to risk the wrath of others to insure the triumph of good over evil, of light over darkness, and right over wrong.

In this particular case, the light of what's good and right was the brilliant example of those faithful few Jews who held their head high—sick and tired of being beaten down—and publicly chose to reject alien ideas and destroy imposed idols.

The Maccabees weren't overly concerned with a suicidal fear of world opinion or bribed to act indifferent, but mightily expressed their faith in GOD. They didn't flirt with "foreign affairs" or engage in self-destructive interfaith orgies. They kept the faith and cleansed the Temple Mount of its spiritual filth.

Many Jews continue to celebrate Hanukkah—but they're hypocrites! More Jews act like the COWERING HELLENISTS who surrendered without a fight, or thought liberalism was right—lap-dogs of the Left—than the courageous Maccabees who fought to remain true to God and themselves!

Thank Heavens, there are a growing number in Israel who want to see Jerusalem restored as God’s spiritual center, and our lives rededicated to biblical ideals, shunning humanist ideas. Pray for Jerusalem's peace and the rekindling of Israel’s light!

King David's Aliyah

King David designated the Temple Mount as the site Solomon was to build God’s Temple. "David said, 'Here will be the House of the LORD and here the altar of burnt offerings for Israel'" (1 Chron. 22:1, JPS). Earlier he had taken a military census—against strong opposition—which implied he was trusting in Israel’s might instead of God's strength. Consequently, God plagued the land and slashed Israel's numbers. People were falling like flies and getting wiped out by disease.

Then God ordered the angel to change course and zero in on Jerusalem. But when God heard David’s prayers and saw the humility of Israel’s elders, He called off the siege. God’s angel told the prophet Gad that David was to GO UP TO MOUNT MORIAH AND SET UP AN ALTAR TO GOD.

David made aliyah: he ascended God's holy mountain and encountered the righteous Gentiles who were then in charge. They agreed to renounce their claims and sell their land, recognizing it was God's Will for David to transform their threshing floor into the sacred site where God would judge the nations and sift all men's hearts.

Divine Fire and Forgiveness

David paid for his mistake and sacrificed for his sin: God responded by sending fire down from Heaven to receive David's offering and accept his person (1 Chron. 21). THE PLAGUE WAS STOPPED! David had delivered Jerusalem from Gentile occupation (2 Sam. 5:7). That redemption prepared the way for David's sacrifice and prophecy that Mount Moriah would house the altar and Temple of God. He personally ordered a temporary shelter created, and saw to it that the Ark was joyfully transferred to it in Jerusalem with great celebrations (1 Chron. 15).

Afterwards, David felt a Temple would be more appropriate for God's Ark (especially since he lived in better quarters himself), but was informed it wasn't in God's plans for him, although he was commended—not criticized—for his noble desire. Because of David's initiative, God promised to build him a ROYAL HOUSE— a Davidic dynasty that's to last forever! David's responsibility was to
settle Israel's differences with their enemies and pave the way for Solomon.

Temple Plans

King David paved the way for Solomon to build the Temple in peace, without distractions (1 Chron.21,22). David had gladly garnered great wealth, materials and manpower in preparation for the Temple with great anticipation. (That’s the least we can do today: PREPARE FOR THE TEMPLE! That way we'll be ready for it when we're offered the opportunity to BEGIN CONSTRUCTION). Although Solomon was honored to build God's Temple, DAVID was given the precise details for it, by inspiration, like Moses was shown the Tabernacle’s blueprint (1 Kgs. 5:2-5, 1 Chron. 28:19).

Solomon began to fulfill what Melchizedek foreshadowed: the prophetic merging of PRIEST and KING into ONE—ruling from Jerusalem. Significantly, Batsheva (Solomon’s mother) was from Levi, the priestly tribe, and David was from Judah, the scepter tribe. King David addressed the nation and consolidated Solomon’s
position, showing how God had purposely chosen Solomon to build His Temple (1 Chron. 28, 29). (Whether or not the United States will do the right thing and recognize Jerusalem as the God-given capital of Israel, and move the American embassy there like Presidents Clinton and Bush have both promised, the greatest embassy we should concern ourselves with is the Heavenly one: the Third Temple).

The golden years Israel experienced under Solomon was representative of the future Messiah’s universal reign of peace and prosperity (1 Kgs. 4:20, 25). Solomon secured the promise of a Davidic dynasty—a continuous covenant that's to culminate in Messiah. The Messiah has a double claim to that throne: it’s the
Throne of the LORD (1 Chron. 29:23) and the property of David's descendants (Jer. 33:17).

Jacob’s Pillar Stone

The famous "Stone of Scone," the "Stone of Destiny," that is Jacob's Pillar Stone (formerly enshrined in the Coronation Chair at Westminster Abbey), serves as a physical link and deed proving King David's inheritance among British Israel. (By a prophet was the Stone removed from Jerusalem, and by a prophet shall it be returned to await Him whose right it is).

Presently the Stone is in Scotland—in transit. The British have thereby dismantled their monarchy and undermined their national security. They sent the Stone to Scotland, so God will send them into captivity! The Royal Family made the wrong move by supporting such an act of treason. They’ve been disloyal and will soon be disrobed! God protected the Sceptered Isle out of respect for Jacob's Stone and David's Throne (1 Kgs. 11:36).

We can rest assured that God will spare a few members of the Royal Family from the German-Jesuit Beast to keep His promise alive to David (2 Chron. 21:7). Will God convince them to deliver Princess Diana's two sons to His representative for safekeeping? (Deut. 22:6-7 Jer. 49:11). They would be kept together with God's Royal Family in exile to weather the nuclear storm (Isa. 16:3-4). GOD WILL GUARD HIS OWN HOUSE (Zech.9:8; Ps. 91). It appears the Prophet Jeremiah was simply a type of one assigned to deliver David’s descendants safe and sound to a providential place (Jer. 43:6).

Will the Sabbath-keeping Church of God be entrusted with their care, "the heir and the spare," the scions of King David Prince William and Prince Harry (2 Chron. 23:7)? God’s Work revolves around a Stone (Zech. 4:7). The Two Witnesses (two prophets in the spirit of Elijah) will safeguard Jacob's Stone and herald the coming of Israel’s King to reign upon it. We must make a public call for the stone's restoration to Jerusalem! The Stone—as a Jewish treasure and historic relic—must be properly returned to Israel. The Stone's restoration to Judah is part of the restoration of David’s House to Jerusalem—paving the way for Messiah's coming (Amos 9:11).

Joseph (the Anglo-Saxons) has been ordained the Keeper of the Stone, the Custodian of Israel’s Rock, until THE TIME HAS COME for it to be established in Jerusalem forever (Gen. 49:24). Joseph (Joes) and Judah (Jews) must unite to remind all Twelve Tribes of Israel of our biblical roots and responsibility—and it all centers on the Throne with the Stone! (Ezek. 37:22).

Solomon built the Temple following David's divine design, enacted King David’s decrees concerning the proper establishment of the priesthood, and executed judgments upon various individuals (1 Chron. 28:13). Both Solomon's dedication prayer and sacrifice were accepted by the God of Heaven, who answered him by sending fire to earth and filling the Temple with His glory (2 Chron. 7:1).

The Royal House of David

God established David's family in Jerusalem, and David's house constructed God’s Temple. Later a descendant of David, assisted by a priest, would rebuild God’s Temple (Ezra 3:8). Throughout history, David's faithful descendants would repeatedly "build up" God's House. How? By their proper care and concern, they
empowered and encouraged Levi to fulfill their sacred responsibilities. This reciprocal relationship is soon to be restored (Jer. 33:22).

The Royal House of David is Jerusalem’s ETERNAL FLAME (Lev. 24:4). Jerusalem is Israel's. God is Israel's Eternal Flame and Israel is God's (1 Kgs. 11:36). David's House is destined to soon play an important part on the world stage. A DAVIDIC MESSENGER WILL DEFEND JERUSALEM and God's truth, lighting the Way
and illuminating our Path (Zech. 12:8).

Unfortunately, Solomon fell for foreign women who took advantage of his weakness: they led him astray to erect temples to their lies. As a direct result of Solomon’s adulterous idolatry, God decreed that Israel’s United Kingdom would be split in two (1 Kgs.11:1-13). It’s important to note that all Jews are Israelites, but not all Israelites are Jews! There is a difference! (Thankfully, Yair
Davidiy—founder of Brit-Am Israel— is educating Jews about the Israelite origins of the West).

The consequential two kingdoms of Judah and Israel aren't to be fully restored until Messiah—then we'll truly be reunited as "One Nation under God" and become a "Light to all nations" (Ezek. 37:22). Divided, we became conquered and got carried off into no- man’s land— most never to return or remember their roots. But now our mourning period’s almost over! Our EXILE is about to end! However, there’s already a growing awareness and cooperation, in the spirit of these prophecies, between various Christian-Zionists and Jews.

After Judah’s return from Babylon, they rebuilt God’s Temple under Zerubbabel’s guidance. But before the Temple’s foundation was laid, they rebuilt God’s ALTAR. They offered sacrifices because they were afraid! (Ezra 3:3, 6) They weren't too proud to ask God for protection.

Chief Rabbinate is Negligent!

Today, the Jews are also AFRAID! But instead of looking to God and taking appropriate action, Israel’s fear has paralyzed them! Weak and bribed politicians figure it’s better to let the Muslims disrespect the Temple Mount and flout Israeli sovereignty than to face "another war." They would do well to remember that every war the Arabs have started, Israel's God has finished! By being afraid of Muslim threats, rather than taking them serious enough to REMOVE THE THREAT— the Israeli authorities have become accomplices to Gentile occupation, reward terrorism and encourage further aggression against Jews!

Israel illegally denies Christians and Jews their religious rights upon the Temple Mount, when they shamefully look the other way as Nazi-Muslims trample such rights into the holy ground—forbidding Christian or Jewish worship upon the Temple Mount!

It appears the Chief Rabbinate would also rather let foxes run loose on the Temple Mount than permit the Children of Israel their democratic "freedom of access." By woefully neglecting the Temple Mount, they've lost control to the Wakf (Muslim authorities) by default! And if they're truly concerned about ritual purity (Numbers 19), and don’t just use that as an excuse for inaction, they should know that the Second Temple was up and running—with its sacrificial system—for twenty-two years WITHOUT THE ASHES OF THE RED HEIFER! Besides, don’t they know that there are "PERMITTED PLACES" on the Temple Mount to worship?

Israel’s political and religious leaders have REJECTED THE CORNERSTONE for the Third Temple! (Ps. 118:22). They're not willing to do whatever is necessary to end Jerusalem’s “abomination of desolation”—a Temple Mount without a Temple. They're unwilling to RECLAIM JUDAISM’S MOST HOLY SITE! Such leaders—foolishly content to passively wait for the Messiah and do nothing to help themselves—are not the sons and daughters of the Maccabees! Their prophesied repentance cannot come too soon! (Zech. 13:1).

Meanwhile, all Jerusalem will suffer German-Jesuit occupation because of their sins! Europe is quickly being remodeled after the "Holy Roman Empire of the German Nation," and their Merovingian king awaits his coronation in the Holy City! God will let Europe occupy Jerusalem —but they've crossed the line when they pollute God’s Temple! (Rev. 11:1-2, Mark 13:14, 2 Thes. 2:4).

Major Upheaval in Israel?

Will an EARTHQUAKE shake Israel to its foundations and rock the world? Would the destruction of the Western/Wailing Wall and the demolition of the "Dome of the Rock" and Al-Aksa mosques—by an ACT OF GOD—serve further notice that it’s TIME TO BUILD THE TEMPLE? The Western Wall will have served its purpose and an earthquake could clear the way for major changes. Let’s MOVE ON UP to where we should be praying: in the TEMPLE upon the Temple Mount!

I believe a miracle—a supernatural disaster (a blessing in disguise)—will take care of the Muslim symbols of occupation. I’m NOT calling for any individual to blow up the mosques! However, if the Israeli government finally gets its act together and decides to exercise Israeli sovereignty over the Temple Mount, I'd gladly encourage them to restore Judaism’s holiest site to the Jews.

Despite this public record, I've been unjustly DEPORTED FROM ISRAEL (as reported on the front page of The Jerusalem Post, January 8, 1996) for alleged involvement in a plot to "damage the mosques!" Before my deportation I was held in Jerusalem’s corrupt Russian Compound for three weeks as a POLITICO-RELIGIOUS PRISONER! I’m still fighting this injustice and, with God’s help, expect to return and receive Israeli citizenship.

Barry Chamish, in his book,Traitors and Carpetbaggers in the Promised Land, attributes my deportation to an article published in The Traveller magazine in Jerusalem, where I expose a Vatican-German plot to take over the Temple Mount in the Old City.

The Temple is to serve as a NATIONAL REMINDER that God’s central to our existence and should be our focal point. It’s understood that the mere presence of a Temple doesn’t necessarily mean that God's Presence is with us. Twice God’s glory left the Temple and Judah was scattered. To avoid making the same mistake again, we must insure God finds a stable home in our loving hearts and minds—not only welcomed in, but invited to stay (Jer. 31:33).

Will the sacrifices start soon? The Cornerstone get put in place and the Temple rebuilt? And will Europe's new ANTIOCHUS EPIPHANES force his way into the Temple and proclaim himself "God"? Supposedly the pope wants Jerusalem to become an "international city"—in reality he plans on making it his cultic
headquarters! Who would stand up and oppose this intrusion? Who would denounce this gross violation of Israel’s sovereignty? Who would speak out against this folly? "Elijah…"

Living in Israel

You could say I have a God-given love for the Jews and the nation of Israel (Isa. 62:6-7). I've been blessed to have lived in over seven regions of Israel, getting to know its land and people quite well: Ramat Yohanan (where my "kibbutz mother" and Holocaust survivor, Miriam Weiss lived—sadly, she’s died since my deportation); Sdot Yam on the Mediterranean Sea, next to Caesarea, the site of my first ulpan, and where Israel’s heroine, Hannah Senesh, was from; Regavim, near Zichron Yaakov, where I continued my Hebrew lessons amid its rolling green hills; Reshafim, near Bet She’an, with Mt. Gilboa practically in our backyard, and Jordan's mountains in lovely view out front; Adamit, on Lebanon’s border, high up on a mountain, from where on clear days you can see all the way to Haifa's Mt. Carmel; Shoval, a rose in the Negev desert, just north of Beer Sheva; Dan, way up in the northernmost part of Israel, in between Syria and Lebanon, next to the majestic snow-covered Mt. Hermon, where I was living when "Operation Desert Storm" blew in; and Ha'On, with its campground and ostrich farm on the eastern shores of the Sea of Galilee, across from Tiberias.

I've also lived in East and West Jerusalem. Since I've fulfilled my goals of living around Israel, I hope and pray to live in Shiloach (the biblical City of David), in Jerusalem, until the Messiah comes—and forever after! I want to live as close as possible to my favorite spot on earth: the Temple Mount.

True Freedom

Why didn't the Jews accept Jesus? He didn't live up to their expectations. Why? He disappointed them! The Jews were looking for a NATIONAL DELIVERER—not a spiritual savior! They wanted Messiah to overthrow Rome, not subdue sin! They were hoping He would end the Gentile occupation of their land, not defeat Satan's purpose in their lives.

Judaism is filled with references to our Savior-King: the Messiah who will conquer our enemies and restore our independence, ushering in the glory days of old. The Jews in Jesus’ day didn't want to hear that Jews are their own worst enemy! They didn't appreciate being called slaves to sin or accept Yeshua as the only Master Key to freedom.

Jesus began preaching in the synagogues around the Sea of Galilee, slowly but surely working His way down towards Jerusalem. Yeshua (Jesus) didn't begin His Mission until He was thirty: the coming of age for a rabbi. He was preceded by His cousin Yohanan (John), a cohen (priest). The whole region was eager to
hear His Message: God’s Kingdom is coming quickly! Jesus’ report was circulated everywhere. Everyone who knew and understood the Messiah was due—according to the time setting of Daniel’s prophecies—had been anticipating this GOOD NEWS!

Roman Rule before Messiah

I remember wondering once, during a bus trip from Jerusalem back to Ramat Yohanan (near Haifa), why Messiah came when He did. Why not 3,000 years ago? Why not 500 years ago? Then Daniel’s prophecy flashed into my mind: there were to be four Gentile kingdoms, and then God’s Kingdom would come! Messiah
couldn’t come until the fourth beast—the Roman Empire—was a reality. Jesus then showed up, right on time, and foretold its ruin!

The Passover LAMB of God, Israel’s Suffering Servant, came to be offered up and take away the sins of the world (Isa. 53). Yeshua died on the stake at the same time the Jews were sacrificing their lambs, near the end of Aviv 14, saying, "It is finished." Yet He was prophesied to be RESURRECTED—as our High Priest—and intercede for many. How else could He see the positive results of His sacrifice? (Isa. 53:10-12).

Rome signed their own death warrant when they murdered God's Son. Many of those Jews who witnessed Jesus' mock trial and crucifixion, crying out, 'His blood be upon us,' when Pilate wavered, assuming blood-guilt, later cried out for the Lamb's blood to cover their sins (Acts 3:14-19). The bloodguilt of that evil generation was paid for (in part) when the Romans sacked Jerusalem, as Jesus
foretold. Today's Jewish leaders will soon beg God to forgive them for blindly rejecting God's Son and Judah's Firstborn and save them from Catholic Europe! (Zech. 12:10).

A Transcendent Kingdom

Jesus' Message went over the heads of most that heard Him. The Kingdom He proclaimed wasn't limited to a specific location. His Truth transcends national borders and rises above barriers of race. Most couldn’t grasp what He was saying!

Jesus not only announced Israel's restoration—but their TRANSFORMATION! He promises to usher in a GLORY that’s greater than Solomon's Temple! (Hag. 2:9). The House of Israel must become the TEMPLE of God! Jesus—a son of David—is making preparations for this IMMORTAL NATION!

Jesus' good news far surpassed anything the Jews had hoped for. It seemed too good to be true! His Teaching amazed them: God's Kingdom is God's Royal Family! THEY administer God's Government! We’re not guaranteed membership by race—by God's grace, anyone who's righteous is welcome. While Israel's Kingdom consisted of Israel's family— those flesh and blood descendants of Jacob—the Kingdom of God will be the Spirit-composed Children of God!

Jesus made it clear: we've got to be born again! But traditional Christianity can't stand the BRIGHT FUTURE Christ has described! They've veiled its true meaning, toned down its truth and robbed it of its honor! Jesus wasn't referring to a spiritual experience, but an actual occurrence: our RESURRECTION AND TRANSFORMATION FROM HUMAN TO DIVINE! This new development is what dumbfounded the religious leaders. They'd never heard such a thing and read right over it!

The Anointed One elaborated: if your parents are flesh and blood humans, it's only natural that you're also human. You're nothing more or less. Kind after kind. If you're born again by a Spirit-composed God, it's only supernatural that you'll become a Spirit-composed God! GOD IS REPRODUCING HIMSELF! The Kingdom of God is the governing family of God!

Messiah to Crush One World Government

The Jews—unlike too many Christians—were well aware that Daniel prophesied of GOVERNMENTS. They understood four Gentile kingdoms were to make their mark on mankind. They would follow one another in general succession: Babylon, the Medes & Persians, the Greco-Macedonian, and the Roman Empire. Daniel's prophecy warns of Rome’s final revival. It will threaten Jacob's descendants, and persecute the holy ones of Israel, until MESSIAH crushes their opposition! (Dan. 2:44). This configuration of European States, wrapped around ten kings (under Europe's emperor), will wreak such havoc that God has to send the archangel
Michael to stand up for Israel! (Dan. 12:1-2). It's going to be the worst time in history! And it's dated as just prior to Messiah's coming and the resurrection of the dead (Dan. 12:1-2). He'll be our only Hope for survival! We'll witness these events! Daniel's message was impossible to understand until now. We're living in the prophesied days of rapid transit, instant communication, and a knowledge explosion! (Dan. 12:4).

Europe's actually going to fight Messiah at His Coming! But His invincible army originates in Heaven. He's flying direct from the Father's Throne! We can expect Him to land upon the Mount of Olives, and lauded as Israel's Anointed, liberate Zion and Jerusalem—securing David's throne!

The Coronation of Israel’s King

Daniel testifies: "One like a human being came with the clouds of Heaven He reached the Ancient of Days and was presented to Him. Dominion, glory and kingship were given to him; All peoples of every nation and language must serve him. His dominion is an everlasting dominion that shall not pass away, and his kingship one that shall not be destroyed" (Dan. 7:13-14 JPS).

Who but Jesus ascended into Heaven with clouds? He was like a man—but more than a human being! His coronation ceremony is about to commence! Then He'll return to earth and rule all nations! Unlike the Gentile powers, MESSIAH and His KINGDOM are ETERNAL!

Zechariah gets even more specific: he says it's the LORD who will fight against our enemies and touch down on the Mount of Olives. "And the LORD shall be King over all the earth…"(Zech.14:9 JPS). Truly, Israel's Messiah is "GOD WITH US" (Isa. 7:14). He'll vanquish our foes and disperse our enemies: "The LORD has annulled the judgment against you, He has swept away your foes [like chaff from the Temple Mount]. Israel's Sovereign the LORD is within you; You need fear misfortune no more" (Zeph. 3:15 JPS).

Rest for Wandering Jews

The wandering Jews will finally find rest. Our trials and tribulations will be a thing of the past! Israel and Judah will be forgiven their sins. At that time Judah will perceive that YESHUA IS MASHIACH! Jesus is the Christ: "And I will pour on the House of David, and on the inhabitants of Jerusalem, the spirit of grace and
supplications: then they will look on Me whom they pierced. Yes, they will mourn for Him as one mourns for his only son, and grieve for Him as one grieves for a firstborn" (Zech. 12:10).

Shema Yisrael—Hear O Israel: Moses prophesied that God would send us a Messenger (Deut. 18:18). Jesus is God’s Lion and Lamb: He came to deliver us from sin and will return to set us free from men! Messiah is our Priest-King, our Lord and Savior, our One and only! He'll save us from Europe and ourselves! "Surely in the LORD I have righteousness and strength. To Him men shall come,
and all shall be ashamed who are incensed against Him. In the LORD all the descendants of Israel shall be justified, and shall glory" (Isa. 54:24-25).

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