Friday, April 13, 2007

Have Jews given up on the Vatican returning Jewish treasures?

Israel seeks return of Temple artifacts
Rabbis urge Vatican to permit search of storerooms for treasures

When Israel's chief rabbis meet Pope John Paul II today, they will seek permission to search Vatican storerooms for artifacts such as the huge golden menorah that stood in the Temple in Jerusalem 2,000 years ago.

Israeli President, Moshe Katzav, asks Vatican to reveal list of Temple treasures and Judaica held by them
On more than one occasion the Temple Mount Faithful Movement demanded that the Pope return the Temple treasures to Israel to be used in the soon-to-be-rebuilt Temple

So the Pope wants good relations?

It is an established fact that the Vatican holds in its vaults priceless Jewish artifacts with both religious and historic significance. This includes a manuscript by Maimonides, which was written by a scribe in the 1400s. Maimonides, also known as Rambam, was the 12th-century doctor and sage in Egypt whose works include the first codification of Jewish law. He is considered one of the most influential of all Jewish thinkers.

Recently, Jewish scholars were allowed to view this manuscript, but it has never been returned to the Jewish people. Can you imagine the hue and cry if, say, a work by St. John were being held by the Jews and not returned to the Vatican? Heck, they'd probably start another Crusade.

The Vatican Must Return the Temple Treasures!

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