Thursday, April 19, 2007

EU Federal Superstate Becoming A Reality

EU Federal Superstate Becoming A Reality
European globalists no longer even pretend the people will have a say

Steve Watson

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

In a telling U-turn British Prime Minister Tony Blair has stated that the EU no longer needs a constitution and should instead "opt for a less ambitious new treaty that would not require a referendum."

In other words Blair is acknowledging that the people have seen through the legislation to create a federal superstate so the European globalist elite need to change the wording and pass it without letting the people vote on it.

Blair's spokesman said an amending treaty would not require a referendum "in the same way that for the last 50 years other treaties of the kind that we're envisaging haven't needed a referendum".

Blair echoed comments made by Downing Street earlier in the year that hinted towards implementation of a "mini constitution" over which it would 'not be necessary" to hold a referendum.

The latest stealth movements come on the back of leaked documents from late last year revealing that the British government is to launch a multi-million pound propaganda war to force the British people to love the European Union and Brussels bureaucrats.

Every Whitehall department is to appoint a spin doctor responsible for promoting the EU. And Downing Street will draw up an 'EU Grid' to make sure stories portraying Brussels in a good light are leaked to the media on a regular basis. These include promoting the 'EU brand' by linking to popular European events and institutions such as the Eurovision song contest, the Cannes Film Festival and the UEFA soccer organisation that runs the Champions League tournament - even though none of them has anything to do with the EU.

The British government has previously said that if the public voted no they would continue to hold referendums until the public voted yes. Now it seems they won't even do that and are ready to simply sign over British sovereignty without giving the public a say whatsoever.


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