Friday, April 13, 2007

Church of God must recognize the Pharisees' God-given authority

Of course some wouldn't want to acknowledge the God-given authority of the Pharisees that Jesus publicly upheld (although taking them to task for their additions but not throwing the baby out with the bathwater) because they have trespassed and vainly taken it upon themselves to determine the holy dates for the festivals of the Lord.

The Church of God ministers and members would do well to read and believe Jesus' statements concerning the Pharisees and know Sivan 6 is the correct date for Pentecost/Shavuot. Any other date is a blind date -- just like the Sadducees followed and fell into the ditch of history.

Jesus and Paul were both Pharisees and acknowledged the God-given authority of the Pharisees on these matters of preserving the sacred calendar and proclaiming the proper holy dates for the Festivals of the LORD. It's past time folks humble themselves and do the same.

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brave anonymous poster said...

Sivan 6?

they had Passover wrong, and still do for that matter, so why would we trust them on the matter Pentecost?

Passover is to be observed at the beginning of the 14th day of the first month, yet they lump it in with the days of unleavened bread, observing it at the end of the 14th, going into the 15th....Paul addresses this in I Cor. 11, where they were "observing" passover and the Night Much Observed at the same time.....

I believe Jesus said to listen to them, but not to do as they did...

David Ben-Ariel said...

Dear BAP:

The Jews do not have Passover wrong but those professing Christians who stubbornly prefer their Church tradition to the plain truth that God clearly gave the sacred calendar (and responsibility to determine and proclaim the correct holy dates by it) to the Jews are dead wrong and are in rebellion, just like Rome who thought to change the times and the seasons to distance themselves from the Jews.

Passover is not to be observed at the beginning of the 14th day, and those who wrongly teach that error are accusing God the Father and the Jews of sacrificing the Passover Lamb at the wrong time! God and the Jews know the sacrifice was to be during the afternoon of the 14th. Those who disagree with God and the Jews foolishly end up with 8 days of unleavened bread instead of seven.

Passover is the Night to be Much Observed but Church tradition has blinded many to this biblical fact. God gave these things (oracles of God) to the Jews to preserve, specifically the Pharisees/rabbinic Judaism - not to the fickle Gentilized Israelites with their never-ending splinter groups. Why disagree with Jesus who said to listen and do what the Pharisees said but don't follow their oft hypocritical and bad example? (Same goes for many of today's Church leaders). Why disagree with the righteous Pharisee Paul who said God has given these things to the Jews? The Church of God says God gave the sacred calendar and such to the Jews/Pharisees, but then inconsistently, hypocritically, fail to follow through with it and go for the blind dates of the Sadducees.

Why fail to submit to God's Word and listen to Jesus who clearly said the Pharisees have God-given authority to sit in Moses' Seat? Vain Church traditions that clearly contradict the Word of God will not save you. Return to the Faith once delivered and keep Passover and Pentecost the same time as the Pharisees Jesus and Paul did. If you want to keep your yahrzeit memorial of Jesus' last supper, go ahead - but don't confuse it with Passover because it's not.

Jesus says listen and do as the Pharisees instruct on these matters, and too many disobey Jesus' clear instructions.Paul says the Jews were given these responsibilities and too many have the chutzpah to disagree with his inspired words.Jesus and Paul serve as two witnesses against those who would keep their own "Passover" and their own "Pentecost" that contradicts the proper "Jewish" Passover and proper "Jewish" Pentecost the proper Jewish authorities proclaim in season as God commands.

Jude 1:3
I found it necessary to write to you exhorting you to contend earnestly for the faith which was once for all delivered to the saints [in Jerusalem, not Rome or Pasadena].

Jeremiah 6:16
"Thus saith Yahweh, stand ye in the ways, and see, and ask for the old paths, where is the good way, and walk there in, and ye shall find rest to your souls. But they said, we will not walk therein."

Chanie said...

The Korban pesach must be slain between the evenings ON the 14th.
The evening between the 13th and 14th is not ON the 14th.
The length of time then is also far too short to allow for the slaying of lambs and their preparation.
There are 2 evenings on the 14th= the one beginning it and the one ending it.
The concept of afternoon did not exist.
Genesis speaks of a day as consisting of day and night.
Jesus himself said is a day not 12 hours day and 12 hours in a night?
Night ends at 12 midnight.
Therefore the evening begins properly at noon.. when the sun is at its zenith and begins its descent, having been rising up until that time.
The korban pesach(sacrifice of the passover lamb) was in the early time before the end of the 14th.

Also, the korban cannot be slain on chometz or leaven. Therefore before one slays the lamb all leaven must be removed.
The COG even acknowledges this because leaven in not out of the houses completely til the morning or early afternoon of the 15th before they keep the "night to be much observed".

Paul insists to those who do not believe the Jews can handle the oracles of God, which include the calendar, that the same God who instituted these things is perfectly able to ensure that he can cause the Jews to keep things accurately.

The night that begins the 14th is the memorial of the DEATH of Jesus.
He even said that it was a memorial of his death. It is not the "passover" since the lamb must first be dead and its blood splattered before death can "passover".
Hence the memorial on the night of the 14th is a private observance only for the COG and NO ONE ELSE

The observance of the "passover" however is for all Israel.

The term passover has come to mean the entire time period which has caused problems.