Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Hashkem Yisrael (a Jewish alternative for Israel)


Situated at the crossroads of three continents, Israel has always found itself caught in the middle of global conflicts. Currently, Israel is pulled into the maelstrom of a subtle, almost invisible global conflict. When President Bush talks repeatedly about a New World Order, he refers to plans of a cabal, an organization called CFR Trilateral Commission whose dictates are routinely obeyed by frightened Israeli leaders. Fearful Israeli leaders would have us believe that we have absolutely no self-determination, that we cannot vanquish the enemy, and as such have to ingratiate ourselves by begging for Peace at any price. These fearful leaders believe that the oil interests have such a monopoly on world opinion, that there is no alternative but to kowtow to their whims. These "leaders" justify their self-defeating actions as defusing a demographic time bomb.


A new network of insightful professionals have devised a course of action that citizens can take to resuscitate the Jewish people and Israel. They propose alternatives to the sterile, deadlocked Oslo/roadmap approach and advocate approaches that take charge. Where the current fearful Israeli leaders peddle helplessness, Hashkem promote hopefulness and self-respect. Specifically, Hashkem advocate redefining Palestinians as Jordanians, resolving land disputes by valid title, creating buffer zones, nurturing Jewish farms and homesteads, fostering stronger local government, defining non-citizen residency rights, providing virtual citizenship for permanent residents and full citizenship to those eligible to serve in the IDF, providing refugee compensation including Jewish refugees, protecting emigration rights, withstanding international pressures, reforming courts and the supreme court, electing members of Knesset by winner-take-all district elections, requiring personal responsibility of elected officials and fighting to win.


We need fearless leaders who will exercise the power we always had, but refused to use. We need intelligent fearless leaders who realize that the Jews have the brain power and Israel has the natural resources to end the stranglehold of petroleum producing nations. Israel must develop alternative energy to an extent that the Arabs' power is deflated. For example, Israel has developed new technology to exploit their own extensive own oil shale deposits. This technology if used in the Colorado basin and in Venezuela can produce as much oil as all OPEC nations produce. In point of fact, petroleum could be made obsolete within twenty to thirty years and end the emission of greenhouse gases. The technology exists, right now, to make crude oil an agricultural product grown in salt water on desert land that no one else can use. The technology is Israeli. The technology exists, right now, to generate electricity in quantities that are, in practical terms, limitless by harnessing the static charge of the earth. Israel is the ideal place to implement it. We need rational leaders that deal with reality, not haunting illusions.

There is no demographic time bomb. Arab fertility rates dropped significantly because many young men cannot afford to buy a wife. Moreover, over a million Arabs appear to have emigrated over the last six years and the majority want to if they could. They need only the opportunity to sell their assets. We need resolute leaders with a strong sense of Jewish self-determination and national destiny.

"Hashkem Yisrael"

and take control of your destiny.

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