Monday, April 23, 2007

East Side Toledo Bike Path is "Sweet"

This afternoon my neighbor's sons and I rode our bikes on the bike path starting behind McDonald's near International Park, going down under the Anthony Wayne Trail Bridge (agreeing we would walk across it soon, even though it's "really high" and I assured them they couldn't fall off) to the South entrance of International Park passing several women with children and strollers and a few adults on bikes, round to near the Boyer ship (where they wanted to fish a dead fish out of the water and I said no), continued along the walkway past the restaurants at The Docks, past the international flags we identified as we rode by them (me telling them which countries I had been to) and then up under the gazebo there in the park where some teenagers were talking, one telling the other to watch his language in front of the kids, apologizing to me, "Sir" (I must look my 47 years), as the other told him not to tell him what to do - that he was older than him, and then we went to some rocks and sand on the Maumee River under the Cherry Street Bridge and then leaving we rode by those same teens walking on the sidewalk and the one who earlier had cussed apologized to me as we rode by, shocking me, and I said it was ok.
When I asked the boys what they would say about the bike trail, the youngest said he liked that it was "flat" and they both said it was "sweet."

International Park Map
View of the S.S. Willis B. Boyer Museum Ship

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