Saturday, March 10, 2007

Are Bush and Blair losers?

Some accuse British Prime Minister Tony Blair of being a gutless leader who acted in submission to President George Bush rather than acting like the prime minister of a sovereign state. Others would say Blair was being brave in working together with Bush against hostile opposition, recognizing that the Nazi-Muslim threat isn't only directed against the American and Israeli allies, but against the entire world and that the United States shouldn't have to fight alone to save the world from the scourge of terrorism.

I was all for removing that rabid dog Saddam Hussein from the world scene, but I'm not for "nation building" when our own nation is falling apart and we really can't afford to be so generous with our taxpayers' hard-earned money, especially as many of those receiving it are ungrateful bastards.

Once Bush and Blair started cooing about the necessity of winning hearts and minds I knew the war was lost and perhaps they never intended to win it in the first place - keeping the military industrial complex busy, making lots of blood money off our patriotic soldiers whose lives have apparently been sacrificed for their greed.

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