Thursday, March 15, 2007

Their Fight is Our Fight

Their Fight is Our Fight
by Professor Eugene Narrett

The Israeli police recently began tagging visitors to Judea and Samaria. Residents receive a special digitally scanned tag for license plates or windshield. This is sold as expediting passage for the residents of the Jewish heartland, enabling them to avoid lines at the checkpoints necessitated by daily Arab attempts to murder Jews, lines in which both Jews and Arabs wait.

But the new security initiative (developing for two years as de facto border checkpoints are built between Judea and Samaria and the 1949 armistice lines) is not about convenience but about severing these unassuming and God-fearing people from the rest of the world. The next step is easy to discern even without the precedent of Gush Katif, the 15% of the "Gaza Strip" in which Jews once lived: the Jewish communities of Judea and Samaria, cut off increasingly from the rest of the world, even from family members in other parts of Israel are being isolated and walled in to facilitate their deportation at the orders of the Bush administration and its affiliate, the House of Saud, to the jeers and cheers of most of Europe, Russia and other nations, the "Quartet" still grinding out its favorite minuetto da capo.

Again a lot has been cast against the Jewish people. The powers, including America's diplomatic echelon seem obsessed with making Israel an increasingly small target while Russia and China arm Iran and Syria, the latter arm Hizbollah and Hamas and our government, when not arming Fatah feigns helplessness.

There are two terrible costs here for us all, -- and then a simple countermeasure to save us. Firstly, the Jews of Judea and Samaria are the true beautiful people for whom the world has been searching since the 1960s and before. These are lives of gracious hospitality, productivity, simplicity, fertility and integrity: happy and independent people who build nearly everything themselves. Their land is open and singularly beautiful, a unique mix of alpine vistas, chalk crags, basalt bluffs, and red clay spires, domes and blocks of every possible shape, all interlaced by deep narrow valleys. Wherever Jews have settled the greening process continues. The views are vast and soul-nourishing. And the strategic value to Israel and the war against jihad is essential: without these glorious mountain valleys and brave people the nation is indefensible. Such is the malice of the plan of the "Quartet" to make this Promised Land a jihadist-state, "Palestine."

Secondly, the tagging of citizens for electronic and digital recognition, to pass or to be detained threatens us all and clearly is the plan for the near future. Already network TV affiliates promote implantable computer chips for 'convenience' so your computer will recognize you: -- and so the authorities will be able to monitor your every move and life transaction. Biometrics, fingerprints, retinal scans are being readied in Serbia, Britain and America: without them, a citizen will get no passport and will be unable to legally leave or enter his or her own native land. The era of the pyramid returns with an enslaved populace Pharaoh would like.

By resisting this plan to electronically and digitally register every car, and then every person, the Jews of Judea and Samaria will not only stave off the nascent World State's plans to ghettoize and expel them but will lead the way for others to resist slavery and helplessness in the form of 'security.' Make no mistake: the relentless war against the Jews of Israel is a lab for developing measures to control people in the name of security, to habituate people to being frisked, tagged, wanded and scanned at every doorway and questioned by police.

We are told Israelis have to live this way but that is nonsense. The alternative is victory, for them and for us. What's another countermeasure? For everyone to realize that to be free in a humane sense they must, as Scripture states, turn to the Children of Israel in their Land, visit them, get to know them, publicize the beauty and courage of their lives, be the vast constituency they deserve. Especially in Judea and Samaria, drink in the milk and wine of their promise and their fields and flocks, their oil and grains and grace; purchase their produce and donate toward training the guard dogs that save their lives every night from the marauders who do the dirty work of the powers, trying to get the Jews to leave so they don't need to be dragged out which, in America at least is still a hard sell. Help them purchase a generator, complete a school, and retain the presence that is worth more to American defense than ten carrier battle groups and three intelligence agencies, ones that actually served rather than undermined America.

Their fight is our fight; their abandonment and 'tagging' for fraudulent security is our future, as their expulsion from their land is eminent domain writ large. Visit them, be blessed by them: those who bless them will be blessed; and while they would not say so, those who curse them will be cursed. Their victory and settlement in their place will save us all from a world in which whatever is not mandatory is forbidden.
[Eugene Narrett is the author of the newly released WW III: the War on the Jews and the Rise of the World Security State (2007 discount for two more days; and of Israel and the Endtimes: writings on the logic and surface turbulence of History (2006 ]
visit his website for essays on history, geopolitics and Jewish spirit

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