Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Avital Collette: Shimon Peres in drag?

Here are a few comments regarding Knock out Shimon Peres from the race where I stated both Avital Collette and Ruby Rivlin can knock out Shimon Peres from the presidential race. How? By simply asking a few questions about Shimon Peres' role in Rabin's assassination and his collaboration with the Vatican against Jerusalem.
Yes, but they won't.
- Rabbi Yehoshua Friedman,
Founder and Chairman of The Noah Institute
After he slept with her for a decade?
- Barry Chamish,
Israeli author
Don't be fooled; Avital has been a catspaw of Peres for many years, a Foreign Ministry regular. She is far left and would just follow his direction. It also is possible that the same Vatican-EU powers whose hand informs the Peres-puppet are preparing a surrogate for the time when he no longer is with us.
As part of this gaming, don't fall for the "Peres-betrayed-labor" line they've been putting out, or that the victory of Peretz was a "surprise and shock," not to those who arrange these things it wasn't. That win put Peres in the catbird seat, a politically perfect position: controlling two parties and responsible for neither, -- and he still runs the foreign ministry; it's his and through it, the media. For twenty-five years at least they are his creatures.
Reuben Rivlin is no prize, he never was, but Avital is just a younger, transgendered Peress... as Moshe Sharrett [Shertok], himself a leftist Ben Gurion pal said, "his [Peres'] entry into the Cabinet would be a disaster and day of mourning for Israel" -- pretty much sums up events of the past 25 years since Israel was pushed from the Lebanon.
- Professor Eugene Narrett,

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