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Where's Waldo? Anomalies of the Post-War World Explained

Where's Waldo? Anomalies of the Post-War World Explained

Geopolitical initiatives, alliances overt and disguised, trade, wars great, small and interminable are bewildering -- if one follows the explanations proffered by major media and government spokespersons. Still, we believe that there is one character that makes sense of this scrambled alphabet, a key to the madness of a seemingly brain-damaged world.

To deflect demands and undermine efforts to rescue Jews from Europe during the Shoah, the British and American governments in January 1943 began referring to themselves and their few allies as the "United Nations" and emphasizing that one of the goals of the post-War world would be to punish those involved in "crimes against humanity": as if to signal a trend, Jews rarely were mentioned as the major victims of such crimes. There were more demands from influential publications and people for a "world government" that would prevent war, a council of democracies that would work to promote democracy.

First some anomalies: Russia, a brutal oligarchy financed in no small part of American and British capital (and later weapons and food) was not only invited to the United Nations but onto its Security Council where it enjoyed, as one of the elite five, veto power over all and any resolutions. Russia's oligarchy did, however, desire world government to enhance control of resources, just as did the Rockefeller and similar interests. As for preventing wars: from 1946-9 the Russians turned the nations of eastern Europe into colonies; the Arab states, none of them democracies attacked Israel with the avowed intention of finishing the holocaust which some of them now say never happened. "Israel is not a state and therefore cannot be invaded" said a Brit diplomat in a perfect demonstration of the Newspeak Orwell despised. And indeed, Israel was not a state prior to May 14, 1948 because the British Round Table รข€“ RIIA had decided that it would not be one and, when push came to shove, would not get commonwealth status, either. That was held for the Arab Federation now termed the New Middle East recently puffed by a columnist on Town Hall.

And the wars: Korea, Vietnam and the French, Americans, Chinese, Cambodians, etc; Islamic jihad everywhere; the Congo / Zaire; Cuba in Angola; the disintegration of South Africa under US-UN prompting; Communism and starvation in Zimbabwe; skyjacking. The World Community has a sad record when it comes to the 4-letter word... How many Latin American states are democracies? What does "democracy" mean in practice? Corruption of language corrupts all.

Precedents of corruption: J.P Morgan's Bank and Rockefeller pumped by I.G. Farben which bankrolled and then profiteered enormously under the Nazis. The Farben executives, massive traders in slave labor at the death camps were given 8-12 year sentences at Nuremberg that were commuted by 1953.* Farben today lives behind its constituent parts: Bayer, BASF, and Aventis (formerly, Hoechst). The British and Germans also collaborated, sequentially in creating Amin al Husseini and the Arab High Command who created modern Islamic genocidal Jew-hatred that now is engrained in world culture and geopolitics. The British, Americans, and French allowed Husseini to escape from his safe-houses in 1946 and get to Egypt to continue promoting extermination of the Jews; interesting alliances....

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