Thursday, March 22, 2007

Right on Rosemary Righter!

Righter: The EU needs to drop "its childishly defensive attitude to the US"

Rosemary Righter argues in the Times that the EU "is America 's pampered godchild," and that the EU could not have been realised without "America 's unflinching strategic and financial support for European recovery, and for the idea of European unity." Righter goes on, "At the age of 50, the EU should at last be able to shed its childishly defensive attitude to the US. So, even, should France . For only by pooling the skills and talents of Europe and America, will the European Union achieve its true international potential."


Germany's Fourth Reich aka "the European Union" will only acknowledge Americans as useful idiots.

Herbert W. Armstrong was right: a German-dominated Europe (under strong Jesuit influence) will wreak havoc on the world playing God.

God save us all!

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