Saturday, March 17, 2007

Will Jews ever learn?

I just read in the March issue of The Atlantic Times that American Jews of German origin "founded all the major private institutions, both in the United States and Germany, devoted to German-American understanding: the American Council on Germany in New York City; the Atlantik-Brucke originally in Hamburg, then in Bonn and Berlin; the German Marshall Fund and the American Institute for Contemporary German Studies, both in Washington, and the Aspen Institute and the American Academy, both in Berlin" ("German Name, Jewish Family" by Robert G. Livingston).

When will they ever learn?

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Rob Hill said...

Hi mate,

Zech 11: 16 For I am going to raise up a shepherd over the land who will not care for the lost, or seek the young, or heal the injured, or feed the healthy, but will eat the meat of the choice sheep, tearing off their hoofs. Notice God said He would raise a “SHEPHERD” not a “prophet”.

God also stated that He would raise up two prophets for this end time – Elijah and Zerubbabel.

A shepherd will guide the flock and instruct them about God's requirements – the giving of, or explanation of prophecy is the task of God's appointed prophets. Men in general and shepherds do not have the authority to 'dabble' in this field publicly and run the risk of incurring God's wrath. He already calls them “false prophets”!

17"Woe to the worthless shepherd, who deserts the flock! May the sword strike his arm and his right eye! May his arm be completely withered, his right eye totally blinded!" This is a parable where God reveals to us how to recognize His Shepherd! Before his arm was 'withered' his Arm was strong. I will disregard the rumors that Armstrong had an eye problem.

Armstrong started out relatively wisely by teaching the necessity of, and methods of, observing God's Holy days and the Sabbath etc – for this he must be commended. At this time God classed him as 'foolish'.

When he started delving into prophecy by stitching together other mens 'theories' and embellishing them he became 'worthless' in God's esteem. As he went on he created his own theories that when analyzed are quite ludicrous, unfortunately they have almost become law in the minds of the 'deceived'.

Look at one of his points that you obviously believe – that is the identities of Ephraim and Manesseh. As we would all be familiar with the prophecy about their relationship I will not paste it in here. Firstly we must realise that this was a prophecy for the later/end days.

Forget the word “COMMONWEALTH” as it can apply to a group of races, tribes and peoples. We see that the younger brother Ephraim is promoted above the older brother Manesseh – England is the older country and the US is far younger. England reached its zenith of power many years ago and today is in decline whilst the US is now at its peak – way above England. As for numbers and strength, the US is far more than ten times the numbers and strength of England.

So, apart from the obvious confusion caused by that word “commonwealth”, basic logic shows that Ephraim is the US and Manesseh is England, Australia and New Zealand. Ephraim is shown to not only be the leader of the ten Northern Tribes but also contains a majority of the members of all those tribes – including some of Manesseh.

You say “Babylon (traditional Christianity/Jewish myths)” Babylon exists mate! Not only as a place but also as the birthplace of all the Arab populations. When they were getting to powerful God confounded their languages to break them up into separate groups/clans and they spread out establishing themselves in different countries.

Don't you believe God when He tells us that He is going to use the Babylonians as His tool to punish us all for distancing ourselves from Him and making Him irrelevant? God uses the term 'Babylonians' as it tells us clearly who they will be – all the Arab races! Primarily, they are nowadays all grouped together under the flag of Islam.

The Babylonians were His enemies from the start and because He doesn't change His mind, they are still His enemies to this day. It is possible that when satan is cast down he will once again try to make God's Holy Mountain his headquarters. He will fail and I believe he will then move to his old capitol of Babylon once again. So, to me Babylon is no myth, but fact available within the Bible.

By the way, Germany is your brother tribe of Simeon and the swastika was used in early designs in Middle East countries long before Hitler used it.

Thank mate – Rob.

David Ben-Ariel said...

Hello Rob,

At least we agree the Anglo-Saxons are Joseph, even if we disagree who is Ephraim and who is Menashe.

The Arabs are a threat, but they are the provocation ("king of the south") that will stir up the final revival of the unholy Roman Empire that will again occupy the Holy Land of Israel before Christ returns and liberates it. Europe will crush the Arab opposition and appear as the savior of the world, misleading the masses.

Herbert W. Armstrong was right on the basics (Sabbath, holy days, dietary laws, Kingdom-Family of God, Lost Ten Tribes, EU threat) and I thank God for him. God has permitted all of his servants to make mistakes, even to sin, as we have free will.

God holds us responsible to walk in the light of understanding He has given us. May we be faithful in doing just that and prepare to meet our King!

Jim said...


I appreciate Rob's respect toward Herbert Armstrong; it's easy to dump on someone once they screw up, but of course it's best not to. I continue to remind myself the whole Zech prophecy starts with God stating "I will raise up...." I too am thankful for what I learned in that organization and only replace erroneous ideas after careful consideration.

Rob mentioned that he will "disregard rumors that Armstrong had an eye problem." It's usually wise to disregard such rumors.

The fact is, he was basically blind in his right eye. The authority? HWA himself, in a co-worker letter to church memebers dated July 25, 1967. The letter is primarily about the urgent need at that time for more office space in Pasadena. But out of the blue he himself refers to his blind eye in the eighth paragraph of this letter:

"And while I was writing the above, I was interrupted by a telephone call from Mr. James Simpson, who drives my car (I stopped driving after my right eye went out on me a few years ago). He was leaving to meet Mr. Yehudi Menuhin, the world famous violinist...."

There you have it. No rumor, no disgruntled source, no vagueries.

It is important to have this quote because for me it seals the deal about his unfortunate ending: a foolish prophet. It also establishes, for me, Haggai and Zechariah as being primarily end-time prophecy books.

Finally, I agree that most of his teaching was correct, he was sent by God, and the Worldwide Church was a brief resurrection of a true church to get a people ready to recieve the real message from the two witnesses when they do appear.

His (HWA's) foolishness was prophecying without confirmation, but it was also about his disdain and ignoring of the flock.

Do you find this information helpful? It helps me be more confident in understanding end-time prophecy.


Jim McCune