Thursday, March 01, 2007

Jack Chick versus Catholicism

Although I'm sure I have some disagreements with Mr. Jack Chick, as he is a Protestant and Protestants are still part of the Babylonian Mystery religion, a la carte Catholics to me, at least we are in agreement about the documented atrocities and outrageous errors and whitewashed paganism the Roman Catholic Cult have used to misled the masses. We both do what we can to help expose such Roman wolves in sheep's clothing that folks can be set free by the truth.

I trust folks can read Mr. Jack Chick for themselves and come to their own conclusions.

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Scoobie Davis said...

It's synchronicitous that you use the term "set free" in your post on Jack Chick because Chick Publications has a new tract out with that title. I just did a post about it on my blog and checked the Google blogsearch to see if anyone else wrote about it. BTW, I'm doing a doc on Jack Chick:

tlthe5th said...

You said "Protestants are still part of the Babylonian Mystery religion", but let me ask you this, if someone becomes born again and naturally by the Spirit of God begins protesting Catholicism along with everyone else who is in error and/or contradiction to God's Word. Now he is what Protestantism started off as.

You might as well add all of "christianity" in with babylon now as well. Catholics call themselves "christians" along with that seven day adventist cult which is what you're probably a member of.

It's amazing. The Spirit of God set me free from all bondage and yet Seven day Adventists want to bring me under some satanic yoke again. How insulting to the Holy Spirit their doctrine is.

David Ben-Ariel said...

Thomas said:
You might as well add all of "christianity" in with babylon now as well.

I do add all of TRADITIONAL Christianity that still bows before Rome every SUNday, Christmas and Easter among other things.

History of the Papacy - zipped
or HTML version

Hislop's Two Babylons - zipped

Plea to Diehard Catholics & Protestants to Repent

Sorcerer-Pope to Bewitch Europe and Mislead the Masses!

Catholics call themselves "christians" along with that seven day adventist cult which is what you're probably a member of.

Catholics can call themselves Christian all they want but they're foreign to the true Church of God and the real Jesus doesn't recognize them. No, I'm not a member of the SDA.

David Ben-Ariel said...

Scoobie, let's hope your documentary on Jack Chick helps to set more Catholics free from Babylon.

Douglas Andrew Willinger said...